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Functional and modern interior design for bathrooms

2 March, 2022 · Blog · Tags:

In our renovations company and interior design we respond to many requests from people interested in renovating their home or part of it. We pay attention to the second point because in many cases with the bathroom or the kitchen the spaces requested to be reformed. Thanks to the versatility of our professionals we can adapt to any demand.

If we focus on the bathroom it is a space for which the market offers constant innovations. New options in both interior design and sanitary equipment. From our experience we can share what is the current trend when it comes to proposing a bathroom renovation.

In this sense, the most chosen today are those bathrooms that offer a modern and functional interior design. Our catalog of bathroom options is extensive and varied to suit all styles. In the same way we offer the best qualities to suit your budget.

Since the beginning of the year we have completed several bathroom renovations with modern interior design and functional equipment. We present some of them in the following video.

Modern image

One of the first steps in renovating a bathroom is to establish the new interior design. Usually it is in tune with the rest of the house and today modern interior design is the most liked by property owners. With it you can get a contemporary style space that is ideal for a space of daily use.

In most of the bathroom renovations we have carried out, the walls are tiled completely or halfway up. To do this we have a wide variety of tiles. You can choose from different colors, shapes, finishes, etc. With Grupo Inventia it will be very easy to get a modern interior design for your bathroom. We also provide personalized advice from our interior designers in Barcelona.

To achieve this type of image, tiles in neutral tones are recommended. In this way you can get a bright and visually spacious bathroom. These are perfect features to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. So colors like beige or white are presented as the safest and most reliable options to achieve this.

reforma de baño

On the other hand, the market offers a wide variety of types of tiles. From large pieces to have a practically smooth wall to other types of tiles. If in addition to a neutral atmosphere we want a modern interior design we can choose white meter type tiles.

Functional toilets

In addition to the image section in Grupo Inventia, we also provide the new medical equipment. Our professionals take care of a correct installation in accordance with what was established in the initial project. You will be able to see at all times how the work is going and you will have direct contact with the foreman in charge.

In this sense we also offer personalized advice and we have a catalog with various products. Just as you can choose the interior design that best suits you, you will also have the sanitary ware that you like best. As a company we take care to ensure that all materials have the best quality. We only work with proven and guaranteed brands.

reforma baño barcelona

Currently a bathroom renovation is proposed with three sanitary ware. Washbasin, toilet and a water area that can be a shower or a bathtub. From there we can offer all kinds of details to complete your bathroom. From mirrors, storage furniture or other facilities.

Budget without commitment

This is just a small review that we can offer you in improving your bathroom. We have also set out some details to achieve a modern interior design in this important space of the home. If you think it’s time to change any aspect of your bathroom or home, you have the doors of Grupo Inventia open.

We will take care of advising you personally and show you the best options for all your needs. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 for information and to request your reform quote. When we have it ready, we will deliver it to you without any cost or commitment.