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A functional hall

27 September, 2018 · Blog

One of the priorities we have in our house is to print our decorative style in it. Create an atmosphere that matches our tastes with elements that identify us and make us feel at ease. In turn, it is also not exciting to show our visits what our tastes are and what we can do in the world of interior design.

With all this, the hall becomes the first step, since it is the first thing that our guests and us will see everyday. Beyond the decorative style we choose, in this post we will comment that objects are presented as essential when it comes to obtaining a functional hall.


Having a shoemaker in our functional hall is more than logical, as it is the best place to store and organize all our footwear. With this, we can easily access any shoes that we want to use in day to day and it will be as comfortable to get home and be comfortable to get only through the door.

As for the way we can choose from several options. There is the classical consisting of a small bench with shelves at the bottom or one that functions like a trunk. On the other hand, we can go further and recycle some of our furniture, such as a closet that fits in the size of the space.


Another key element in a functional drawer is the hanger. With this we will be able to organize all our clothes and we will have the convenience of choosing the one that best suits us most quickly and without having to look for our rober wardrobe.

For the hanger there are also a few options. From the classical tower-shaped hanger that occupies very little space or, on the other hand, some piece of furniture that can be anchored to the wall. If we have a large hall, the second is a great option.

Functional hall

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