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The functionality of an american kitchen

1 July, 2016 · Blog, Integral renovations

In Grupo Inventia have a department specializing in kitchen renovations, because it is very likely to stay in a rehabilitation, either because you need to win a more appropriate space or because they want to change appliances.

In this, one of the recommendations is that if you can, think ina an american kitchen. This is because, besides being a very current trend in the world of the kitchen reforms, open kitchen contributes to a better distribution of the hotel and provides a perfect use of space the chores of daily life.

Kitchen bar

One of the most characteristic of the american kitchen is the kitchen or breakfast bar. The kitchens are distributed in this way open to the livingroom, so the bar becomes the perfect space to perform daily intake more easily and without having to travel all the utensils central table.

In turn, the bar of kitchen becomes an extra area of support and work in that place small appliances if you subtract space on the desk or when prepared with spaciousness, our plates.

Storage capacity

In that space is concerned, the section of plate open kitchen you can use to place cabinets and drawers that extend the storage capacity of our kitchen. In this case we placed throughout the bottom and even if an open window at the top.

The kitchen of your dreams

Having a kitchen to your taste is very simple with Grupo Inventia. Our experts will develop the best project for this house look as you like and cover all your needs. Contact us without compromise and find the service of a leading company in the sector.