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Gym renovation in Martorell

We have moved to the town of Martorell to make a gym renovation. In addition to taking care of improvements to flats and houses, we also carry out renovations of commercial premises. In the same way that we offer our renovation services in towns around Barcelona.

The aim of this renovation in Martorell was to provide the space with the necessary features to function as a gym. That is why our experts have worked on the basis of the needs expressed by the owners of the premises. We have also taken into account all the legal indications for a gym renovation.

We share the finishes of this new project in the following video that you can watch on Youtube. We invite you to follow us on social networks and check the improvements we apply to our house renovations. We update our profiles daily with real and own content, you can also contact us through these channels.

Gym renovation: new reception

One of the areas we have improved is the gym reception. In the same way, also the access area for gym users. The reception consists of a half-height counter that offers great convenience to gym workers. At the same time, it is very functional for users who need to make any query.

On a white counter with a wooden finish board. It fits perfectly with the new gym design, a style that generates comfort through neutral and warm tones. The wall is made of exposed brick and is decorated with the name of the gym. They are silver in color and light up on the back.

On the other hand, we have access shifts for gym users. In the same way, they are perfectly integrated into the new environment, being fully functional. For the floor of the reception, the floor of the rest of the gym is kept. It is gray in color and has a stone finish that enhances the industrial style image.

Weight room

The main protagonist of this gym renovation in Martorell is the new weight room. This is the key space so that users and members of the Gym Olympia can exercise with the best benefits. In this sense we have worked on the needs of the owners to adapt the space for their work.

It is a diaphanous space with great possibilities for placing all the exercise machines. Comfort for the user is present both when doing the exercises and when moving around the gym. Thanks to the adaptation that we have made, the gym machinery has been able to be distributed very effectively.

This gym in Martorell has large entrances of natural light. In this way, the weight room space is perfectly lit. In addition, it allows pedestrians to appreciate the interior of the gym. As in the reception, the walls are exposed brick. Next to the columns covered with mirror-effect metal, the interior design is modern and industrial.

Renovation budget

You can request your renovation budget without commitment by calling 93 209 97 17. In a few days we will have it ready and hand it over to you together with a personalized renovation project.