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Key points in the industrial style

18 October, 2018 · Blog · Tags:

At the time of decorating our home we will have before us several options to choose from. The boom in the decoration and interior design sector does not give a broad spectrum so that we can find the style that fits with us or with the characteristics of our home.

In this post we will talk about the industrial style, an option with many followers and that does not leave anyone indifferent. Its casual touch and with vintage air makes the industrial style an option wise regardless of age.

Open spaces

One of the main characteristics of the industrial style is its open spaces. Each room in the house will enjoy a lot of visual amplitude and space for movement. A characteristic that influences this are high ceilings, which are highly sought after if you want to implement this type of decorative style.

These open spaces will be accompanied by properly industrial elements such as pipes or outputs of air to the natural. In addition, it will focus on an aging aspect of these, achieving an enviable visual image with a lot of personality.

Brick wall seen

But if there is an element of the most characteristic of the industrial style is the brick wall seen. It will look for both walls and ceilings to be so, as they offer an image of the most singular and that is gaining a lot of strength in recent years.

Obviously it is not necessary that all the walls or the entire roof be like this, but it will be necessary to look like this in some section of the house or floor. Far from what it may seem, its maintenance will not be complicated, as its boom has generated a great deal in the market.

With industrial style furniture can be varied, since we can use it from properly industrial products to restored items and vintage. One of the characteristics of this type of interior design is that there is no need for uniformity of the elements, so we can have, for example, different types of chairs and different colors.

Industrial style Grupo Inventia

At Grupo Inventia we have a department specializing in decoration and interior design. If you want to renew your home and have not yet decided on your new style, you can contact us and we will advise you without obligation.