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Home renovation in Barcelona: before and after

The home renovations that we make to Grupo Inventia involve a lot of previous work. The good work done between our interior design and construction departments is essential for the perfect result for every homeowner. A good way to see what has been achieved with hard work and dedication is to compare the before and after work of renovation.

In this case, we move to a house located on Alfons XII street in Barcelona. In it we have done a very complete job, improving both the image and the equipment of all rooms. In the next video we see before and after, you can see in detail the improvements made.

Interior design

The aim of this interior design project was to provide each room of the house with greater brightness and visual amplitude. This has been achieved through the application of a contemporary style, giving the neutral tone a leading edge. As well as letting the natural light expand into every corner of the house, it has also created a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For this purpose beige has been used to paint the walls and has been combined with a white baseboard and doors. A homogeneous image and very well defined. This is completed with a new pavement in accordance with the interior design sought. This time we have chosen a parquet flooring in medium wood tones, which gives a solid image to the whole house.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The kitchen has been maintained in a separate, U-shaped layout. All appliances have been renovated and their storage capacity has been greatly expanded. An interior design was used in a general line, with white kitchen furniture and combined with black countertops.

Both the image and the sanitary equipment have been completely changed in the bathrooms. Each room is now ready to offer the best features and functionality when it comes to using them. For this they have a sink, a toilet and a shower. In addition they have been included in a very cool and pleasant image, which is greatly appreciated in a space of daily use.

Home renovations in Barcelona

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