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Home renovation in Escultor Canet street of Barcelona

We continue to complete home renovation projects both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns. On this occasion we have been in charge of rehabilitating a house located in Calle Escultor Canet. A very complete job in which we have improved from the aspect of interior design to that of the equipment.

The specialists of our renovation company have taken care of making the demands of the owners a reality. The renovation projects that we carry out are custom-made and are approved when the clients give their approval. In addition, we adapt to the available budget without renouncing the best qualities.

The finished works of this new renovation in Barcelona are shown in the following video. We will then go over the most prominent details and improvements of this work. Now the house has all the necessary benefits to respond to current needs.

Modern interior design

To start a home renovation we must establish what will be its new interior design. This is an important detail, since it is the first step to embody the style of the owners of the apartment and its subsequent decoration. On this occasion we have chosen a contemporary design with neutral tones.

Thanks to this, it has been possible to generate very bright and visually spacious spaces. In this way, spaces such as the living room and the bedrooms have a cozy and homely atmosphere. The walls have been painted with a soft beige tone combined with a new parquet floor in natural wood tones.

In addition, we have been in charge of furnishing several spaces in the house, including the bedrooms. Each one of them has a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. A sofa has been placed in the living room and a dining area with a table and several chairs has also been created.

Open kitchen

The kitchen on this flat has an open concept and is distributed in an L shape. In the central part it has a kitchen unit with storage capacity in the lower and upper part. A glass-ceramic plate has been installed on the worktop and also a single-bowl sink.

On the left, the kitchen furniture continues with a vertical module to integrate the household appliances. Concretely, there is space to place an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator. In fact, the refrigerator is camouflaged by the same cabinet doors and provides a homogeneous image to the kitchen.

The new design of the kitchen renovation corresponds to the contemporary image of the rest of the house. A white kitchen cabinet has been installed which contributes to generating brightness and spaciousness. A finish in light wood tones has been chosen for the worktop, which combines perfectly.

Functional bathroom

We have also taken care of the bathroom renovation. In this case we have sought to modernize the image of the space and provide it with great functionality. Now the bathroom offers the best performance at all times. Our range of bathroom renovations is very varied and it is very easy to find what the owners need.

One of the pieces of the new sanitary equipment is the toilet. It has a large chest and has two drawers for storage. All types of hygiene and bathroom products can be organized in this way. We have also installed a new toilet with modern lines that has the cistern in the back.

The water area is occupied by a rectangular shower tray protected by screens with sliding doors. All this wrapped in a current design that generates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. The walls have been tiled at mid-height with white beveled tiles and the rest up to the ceiling has been painted the same color. Hydraulic type tiles have been chosen for the new floor, which add a lot of personality.

Home renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we take care of all the steps to make the home renovation of your home a success. You can request your budget without commitment by calling 93 209 97 17. In a few days we will have your project ready to deliver.