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Home staging in Barcelona: new image and furniture

In the company Grupo Inventia we have a new service to offer our customers. Related to the sector of the renovations and the interior design now also we are in charge of projects home staging in Barcelona and neighborhoods. This is a very interesting concept that we have carried out on Sugranyes street.

In general we can point out that home staging is a real estate technique focused on improving the image and furniture. Its main objective is to change the interior design of a home in a practical and functional way. All this based on a contemporary style that adapts to current needs and trends.

Our professionals have taken care of this transformation. We have adopted the key points of home staging and applied them to all the spaces on this floor. In general, we have taken care of leaving this home ready to be inhabited, put up for sale or rented. We share the result in the following video.

Key home staging ideas

Continuing with the last part mentioned, home staging is just about that, adapting a home to be sold or renting it out. Either case will be much more effective and will generate more interest if the apartment or house in question is presented with a good image, equipment and furniture.

Luckily for those interested in Grupo Inventia we have the necessary experience to adapt to this type of request. We work with trusted distributors and proven brands in the market. The best of all this? We can adapt to all types of budgets guaranteeing the best qualities.

In this way we are ready to work on projects of home staging in Barcelona and nearby towns. We have a department specialized in interior design and operators ready to apply all kinds of improvements. In addition the whole project will be established before any work so that it is realized in the determined time.

Painting and changing doors

One of the jobs we have done in this house is to paint all the walls. In this case, an anarchic aspect in terms of colors has been left behind to print a homogeneous and much more pleasant image. The walls of the livingroom or bedrooms have been painted in a soft beige tone. This creates a nice contrast with the white ceiling that we also painted.

With this choice, the goal of generating very bright and visually spacious spaces has been met. In fact, the natural light that comes from outside flows freely. Thanks to this, a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere has been achieved, ideal characteristics for a real home. In addition to the areas mentioned, we also painted the hall and the corridor with the same colors.

Along with the painting work in this home staging in Barcelona we have also changed all the doors. Now all accesses have a modern style with white doors with thin horizontal lines. In the case of access to the living room, a door has been placed with glass that helps to generate greater fluidity of light.

Effective furniture

In addition to the change of image, another key point of home staging is the furnishing of living spaces. In this case in particular the main area and the bedrooms, in addition to the hall. As we have mentioned the goal is that this floor can be used from day one with maximum benefits.

Thanks to our furniture service in Barcelona we have succeeded. The main area of ​​the house covers several spaces. On one side we have the living room which has been furnished with a comfortable sofa and a TV cabinet. Next to it is the space reserved for the dining room which has a round table and several chairs. It is a multifunctional area and suitable for all types of moments.

The wooden furniture that has been placed in the spaces mentioned is joined by the bedroom furniture. The three bedrooms of this apartment in Barcelona have been equipped with a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. We have created an intimate space that meets all the requirements for good organization and rest.

Home staging budget in Barcelona

If you want to renovate your home in a simple and effective way, home staging is waiting for you. We offer customized projects tailored to your needs. Our experience in the sector and previous work places us as an ideal company to create your new home. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request information and a no-obligation quote.