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House renovation in Alcúdia street in Barcelona

One of our recent renovations takes us to Calle Alcúdia in Barcelona. We have been in charge of both improving the interior image of all spaces and completely renovating a bathroom. In our renovation company, we offer personalized projects that cover all your needs.

Thanks to the versatility of our professionals and the quality of the materials we use, we can guarantee a result that meets expectations. We offer constant advice before and during the work process. It includes advice on the choice of materials, paints, floors, doors, etc.

We share the result of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video that you can also watch on YouTube. We invite you to follow us on social networks, as we upload real content daily. As with this renovation in Alcúdia street, we present all our projects so that you can know them first hand.

Interior renovations

One of the first steps in renovation has been to establish the distribution of the house and its new interior image. For this, our professionals work based on the needs expressed by the owners. In this way all these details are established before the works begin.

The distribution of this floor has barely changed, although a new interior design has been applied to adapt it to current standards. The reason for the renovation is to provide spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms with a cozy atmosphere that conveys a sense of home. To achieve this, our department specialized in interior design in Barcelona has worked on a contemporary style image.

It has been chosen for a classic and reliable work that guarantees bright and visually spacious spaces. The walls of this floor have been painted white, the same color used in the new frames and doors. In this way, the entrances of natural light are used to the maximum, since it can reach all the corners.

Cozy bedrooms

This decorative line has been followed in all the spaces of this renovation in Barcelona, ​​including the bedrooms. Now they are presented as spaces with a homogeneous and perfect image for rest. The new flooring that we have laid both in the bedrooms and in the common spaces also contributes to this.

A parquet floor with a finish in natural wood tones has been chosen from our home flooring catalog. On a practical level it is a resistant and durable material, while on the visual aspect it is perfect. It is a type of floor capable of generating warmth in any space.

Modern bathroom

Another of the spaces that we have been responsible for improving in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. Within our specialties we have bathroom renovations and we offer complete changes in image and equipment. Thanks to our varied catalog we can adapt to all types of needs and budgets.

The bathroom renovation follows the general decorative line. In this case we have tiled the walls completely with white tiles. In this way we have achieved a very bright and fresh bathroom. Tiles with a hydraulic type finish have been used for the shower wall and floor. This is a drawing that brings personality to the new image of the bathroom.

Three sanitary pieces make up the new equipment of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona. It is accessed through a sliding door and on the left side we have a bathroom with storage furniture and a toilet. In the background we have installed a shower tray protected with transparent screens.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we adapt to your needs and budget by offering proven qualities in the market. If the moment has come to make a renovation call us on 93 209 97 17. In a few days we will prepare your project and budget and deliver it to you without any compromise.