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House renovation and furnished in Barcelona

We have completed a new house renovation in Barcelona completed. This time we have worked on the improvement of a house located on Casanova street. It has been a project in which a new interior design has been applied and all the installations have been renewed. We have also taken care of the assembly and placement of the new furniture.

The furniture service we offer in the Grupo Inventia is increasingly in demand. We have a wide variety of furniture and we have the experience of our professionals in interior design. We can adapt to all the styles we decorate and we adjust to your budget offering an excellent value for money.

In this way, our house renovations in and around Barcelona allow you to enjoy your new home from day one. As we will detail below, key spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms have also been improved. We have an excellent catalog for the new image and equipment of these areas of the house.

Open and functional kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most demanded spaces for a renovation. We make daily use of it and we need it to always be able to offer the best benefits. Over time and continued use a kitchen renovation is imminent. For this reason in our renovation company we specialize in kitchen furniture and appliances.

This open kitchen is divided into two spaces. On the left side we find a kitchen cabinet with integrated appliances. We have an oven and a microwave with black finishes and a refrigerator camouflaged by the kitchen cabinet doors. An L-shaped kitchen cabinet has been installed on the right side.

A ceramic hob and a single sink have been installed on the worktops. It has storage capacity at both the bottom and top. Being an open kitchen renovation it adapts to the overall image and a white kitchen furniture has been chosen. This enhances the feeling of brightness and spaciousness in the kitchen.

Modern image bathrooms

Other vital spaces that we have taken care of updating are the bathrooms. This Casanova street apartment has two, a master bathroom and a guest bathroom. Both complement each other perfectly and are now trained to offer the best features. Our offer in bathroom renovations is very varied and we can adapt to all types of needs.

Each of the bathrooms is equipped with a floating washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a shower tray. Sliding door partitions are the enclosure of the shower and protect the rest of the space from splashes. In addition, the large size of the main bathroom has been used to place the washing machine.

The new image has also opted for a similar design that responds to a contemporary style. The walls have been tiled to half height with white beveled tiles and the rest of the wall has been painted the same color. A hydraulic type floor has also been placed that adds personality to the two bathrooms.

Interior design and furniture

In addition to the kitchen and bathrooms renovations we have also been responsible for applying a new interior design throughout the floor. This work has also been accompanied by the furnishing of all spaces. Now areas such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms are ready to offer the best amenities.

Our interior designers in Barcelona have been based on a contemporary interior design. In this one the neutral tones prevail, ideal to obtain warm and cozy spaces. For them the walls have been painted in a soft beige tone and a new parquet floor has been placed. We have also installed new white doors and installed aluminum carpentry windows.

In addition to printing this new atmosphere we have also taken care of furnishing the entire floor. A large sofa, an elongated coffee table and a TV have been anchored to the wall in the living room. Nearby is the dining room, equipped with a round table and chairs for several diners. As for the bedrooms, each has a bed, a wardrobe and a work area.

Comprehensive reform budget

The result of this house renovation is that of a 100% complete home. It has a cozy atmosphere and has the perfect equipment for today’s needs. We take care of all the details throughout the renovation process and inform you daily. Request your renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in less than a week and deliver it to you without obligation.