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House renovation and furniture in Barcelona

In addition to all the services in renovation and interior design in Grupo Inventia we are also in charge of furnishing your new house. A service that includes the assembly and placement of your new furniture. The goal is that you can enjoy the new benefits of your home from day one.

We work with proven products and guarantee an optimal result. We have a very varied catalog so you can find the furniture that best suits your style. In turn, we have experienced professionals who can make custom furniture with specific characteristics.

In this aspect the role of our interior designers in Barcelona will be fundamental. They will advise you throughout the process in the aesthetic section of your new home. Thanks to this service you will surely have the perfect image and furniture in your home. Now you can see the result of this renovation on Villarroel street of Barcelona in the following video.

Contemporary interior design

The new image of this house responds to the current trend of bright and pure spaces. In the interior design sector, it is booming to create welcoming environments. Thanks to our experience we are able to apply all kinds of interior design and this has been the result. Now all the spaces of the floor are connected by a modern and fluid image.

The walls of the living room and bedrooms have been painted white. In this way, natural light can flow to every corner and distribute the light evenly. This is an option that has also been used in other spaces such as the hallway, kitchen and bathrooms. In addition to applying these innovations we have also been responsible for restoring original elements. Among others, the wooden frames of the windows.

New image and also new furniture. A beige sofa with capacity for several people has been placed in the living room. It is accompanied by a coffee table and an elongated piece of furniture in which the television has been placed. For its part, a double bed and a wardrobe with large storage capacity have been placed in all bedrooms.

New kitchen

The kitchen area is well defined, although it is an open concept kitchen. A linear kitchen distribution has been used and offers high functionality. It has a worktop that offers a support and work surface in which a ceramic hob and a sink have been installed.

It has storage capacity in both the lower and upper area. This is where the new appliances have been integrated. At the bottom is the dishwasher, oven and washing machine. While in the upper cabinets has built-in microwave. It also has a fridge-freezer located at the far left of the kitchen.

New furniture has also been placed in this kitchen renovation. The idea is that the kitchen has a dining area. To do this, a table with several chairs has been placed. In addition in this kitchen there is also a cabinet at half height that provides more storage capacity and support surface.

Bathroom and toilet renovation

In this house on Villarroel street, the toilet areas have also been refurbished. Specifically a bathroom and a toilet that has a sink and a toilet. These are two hygiene spaces that complement each other very well. In this way the needs are covered in each of them offering multifunction.

The bathroom has a floating sink that has storage capacity and a water area. For this, a floor-level shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door partitions. In both cases, a contemporary and fresh interior design has been chosen.

Renovation and furniture in Barcelona

With the aim of offering renovations 100% complete in Grupo Inventia we add services to our company. In addition to improving facilities and equipment, we also furnish your entire home. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your no-obligation renovation quote.