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House renovation in Aribau street in Barcelona

A new house renovation project completed takes us to Aribau street in Barcelona. A personalized job and based on the needs of the property owners. This time our team has been responsible for improving various aspects of housing. The interior design has been improved, the bathroom has been renovated and a new floor has also been laid.

We will discuss all the details of each of these aspects, although before we share the following video. In it we present the final result in each of the spaces of the house. As you can see, a modern and current image has been applied. Follow us on social media and discover all house renovation in Barcelona and aroundthat we carry out.

Our versatility as a renovations company allows us to adapt to any need, style and budget. Whatever your demand, we work so that you can get it by offering you a professional job and the best qualities on the market. We also carry out your project and house renovation budget without commitment. Request yours by calling 93 209 97 17.

Modern interior design

One of the improvements that have been made in this house renovation in Barcelona refers to the global image of housing. Our interior design department has worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. In this way very bright and spacious spaces have been achieved. The end result shows a warm and welcoming image, ideal features for any home.

The walls of spaces such as the living room, bedrooms, hallway, etc. they have been painted white. This ensures that natural light from outside can illuminate any corner of the house. The new doors, frames and plinths are also added, which are also white. The house has a homogeneous and relaxed image.

In this house renovation, a pavement change has also been carried out. A parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. The combination between the white of the walls and this new pavement is excellent. Wood finishes are able to generate warmth, a great feature.

Bathroom renovation

In addition to the improvement in image and facilities that we have exposed we have also been responsible for a bathroom renovation. In the Grupo Inventia company we have both the right professionals and an extensive catalog so that your new bathroom has everything you need.

This bathroom is accessed through a sliding door. It is a perfect element to make the most of the space offered by the room. Like the rest of the new doors installed, the bathroom door is also white. For the new image of this bathroom renovation has been followed with the design applied in the rest of the house. A modern and modern bathroom interior design.

The walls have been tiled with gray tiles. In this way a room is obtained that can generate luminosity and visual amplitude. This gray finish allows it to contrast very well with the white color of the new sanitary equipment. Tiles with the same shade of gray as on the walls have been used for the new bathroom floor.

New sanitary equipment

In this bathroom renovation, both its image and its sanitary ware have been improved. For this particular case we have opted for a three-piece bathroom. A choice that guarantees high functionality when using them. Another advantage of doing your house renovation with Grupo Inventia is that you can choose the health equipment that you like best and fits your budget.

A square design floating sink has been installed. Its lower area is freed to be able to attach a bathroom cabinet to taste and get storage capacity. The toilet has modern lines and is also floating. The fact that the cistern is hidden in the wall generates more visual space in the bathroom. A new shower tray has also been installed. A practical and perfect water area for any time of the day.

House renovation in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation work is unique and tailored to each client. We take care of collecting all the demands to develop a project that leaves no room for doubt. Our interior design department makes plans and 3D renderings so that the final result can be appreciated before the works. The changes that are considered opportune will be able to be realized and once accepted our work equipment will begin to work.

Our transparency has taken us to the top of the sector of renovation in Barcelona and its surroundings. Request your no-obligation quote by calling 93 209 97 17. You can also contact us via WhatsApp using the icon at the top right.