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House renovation in Arnau d’Oms street in Barcelona

We have finished a new project of house renovation in Barcelona. This time we have improved all the aspects of a house located in Arnau d’Oms street. It now has everything necessary to be a modern home. We have taken it upon ourselves to apply an image in accordance with decorative trends and review all the facilities in the house.

Thanks to our versatility and ability to adapt, we can offer a personalized service tailored to each client. Our goal is to offer you the best options for all your needs. This way you can start enjoying your new home from the day we finish the construction work.

We share the results of this new house renovation in Barcelona in the following video. On our profiles on social networks you can find out about all the projects we are completing both in Barcelona and in the surrounding area. In this way you can get to know first hand our way of working and what we can offer you in your comprehensive reform.

Linear kitchen

The kitchen is in its own room and separate from the rest of the rooms. The surface is rectangular and wide. Thanks to the new linear kitchen layout, we have managed to provide excellent mobility. At the far right we have integrated the oven and the microwave.

Then a kitchen counter is born that reaches the other end of the kitchen. It offers a large support and work surface. In addition, it is equipped with a modern glass-ceramic plate and an integrated sink. Right below this we have placed a dishwasher. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is that it has drawers and cabinets for storage both on the bottom and top.

The kitchen furniture is white and manages to enhance the feeling of brightness and visual spaciousness. It is combined with white walls and an excellent parquet imitation ceramic floor. At the end of the left side we have left a hole to fit the fridge. It is accompanied by a vertical kitchen cabinet that expands the storage capacity.

Functional bathroom

Our offer in bathroom renovation allows us to achieve cleaning space with a modern image and functional use. On this occasion we have also completely renovated the bathroom of this home. It now has three modern sanitary elements that offer the best services at any time of the week.

On the left side, we have installed a round, very elegant counter top washbasin. Below is a wood-finished bathroom cabinet that offers two drawers for storage and organization. We have placed a large round bathroom mirror over the toilet. Thus we apply more depth to the bathroom.

It is accompanied by a modern toilet with a cistern at the back and a built-in shower that is perfectly protected. We have placed a rectangular shower tray at the base of the floor. All this surrounded by a modern and pleasant image with walls tiled in beige and gray tones. The result of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona is a very welcoming and functional toilet.

Contemporary interior design

In addition to taking care of the kitchen and bathroom renovation, we also took care of applying a new interior design to the whole house. We opted for a contemporary style with neutral tones and wood finishes. The main objective is to achieve cozy and well-lit spaces.

That’s why we painted the walls white, both in the living room and in the bedrooms. Thus, we take advantage of the entrances of natural light so that light flows into all corners. For the nights, we have installed some discreet and very effective bull’s eye lights. We have enhanced the homogeneous image with the installation of new white doors at all entrances.

After looking at all the options for the new floors we chose a parquet imitation ceramic floor. Visually, it fits wonderfully and manages to generate the perfect warmth for a home. In terms of practicality, it is a strong and durable material. A future-proof option for areas such as the kitchen, living room or bedrooms.

House renovation budget

Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without any commitment. We will prepare it and deliver it to you in a few days with a detailed project with plans and 3D renderings.