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House renovation on Avinguda Gaudí in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we have completed a new work of house renovation in Barcelona. This time we went to renovate all aspects of a house located on Avinguda Gaudí. The premises in this new house renovation were to modernize the image of the rooms including original elements.

In this video you can see the finishes achieved. In general, the whole house has been renovated and key spaces for daily use have been equipped, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. You can see more house renovation carried out in Barcelona and nearby on our Youtube channel.

New interior design

All the work of house renovation that we carry out in Grupo Inventia starts from an interior design project. In it we rely on the directions of the owners and work to get what they want. For this house we have opted for a modern interior design with a greater presence of neutral tones.

In this way very bright and visually spacious spaces have been achieved. In short, a comfortable and functional home. Also noteworthy is the restoration of original elements such as exposed brick walls and ceilings. The original hydraulic floor has been kept in the bathroom and some bedrooms of this house renovation.

Kitchen renovation

It is an open kitchen with a U-shaped distribution. The new layout allows a very functional mobility and have at your disposal everything that is needed. A breakfast bar has been placed in the open area, which expands the support and work surface in the kitchen. The central part is occupied by a countertop equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink.

Both at the bottom and top there are cabinets and drawers that offer ample storage capacity. The microwave has been built into the top. All this in a kitchen furniture that combines different shades of beige. On the right side there is a custom hole to fit the refrigerator.

Bathroom renovation

The house renovation of this home has involved a complete renovation of the bathroom. As for the sanitary parts, it now has a washbasin with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. The bathroom renovation has resulted in a space that offers the best features and functionality in its use.

Following the general decorative line of the house, in the bathroom there is also the presence of neutral tones. Specifically, the walls have been tiled with white tiles. This has made it possible to introduce other finishes. They can be seen in the bathroom furniture with wood finishes or in the original restored hydraulic floor.

House renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s house renovation team will work to make your home look the way you want it to and has everything you need. You can request your project by calling 93 209 97 17 or writing to We will deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation.