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House renovation in Balmes street of Barcelona

New house renovation in Barcelona completed. We have moved to Balmes street to renew the image and equipment of all rooms. Now the home is ready to offer the best features and functionality of a home. A complete house renovation and adapted to the needs of its owners.

We share the video with the general finishes of the work done on our Youtube channel. In all our social networks we share the house renovations we carry out. We are also responsible for renovating homes both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns.

Modern interior design

One of the objectives of this new house renovation has been to completely improve the image of housing. To do this, it has opted for modern interior design with neutral tones as protagonists. The walls are spaces such as the livingroom and the bedrooms have been painted in a soft beige tone. It is a perfect option to generate large and bright spaces.

Another of the improvements made in terms of interior design has been the change of pavement. This time we have opted for a parquet floor in natural shades of wood. This is how the surface of the living room, the bedrooms and also the kitchen looks. A nice detail in the new image is the restoration of a brick wall as it brings a lot of personality to the design of the house.

Kitchen renovation

In this house renovation work has been done on an open-plan kitchen renovation that has been distributed on two fronts. The left side is the open one and a section of countertop has been placed. It offers a large support surface and is equipped with a ceramic hob, plus an integrated oven just below. It also has storage capacity at the bottom and can be used as a breakfast bar.

At the far right end, the refrigerator has been integrated and is camouflaged by doors identical to the kitchen furniture. Then a new white countertop was born in which a one-sin sink was integrated. This area has drawers and cabinets in the lower and upper area, where the microwave has also been integrated.

Bathroom renovation

Our house renovation work in Barcelona has also led to the improvement of the two bathrooms. In both the same interior design has been used and two very nice spaces have been achieved. The walls have been tiled at half height with white meter type tiles. The rest of the wall up to the ceiling has also been painted white.

For the new pavement has opted for a new hydraulic floor with a design with a lot of personality. As for the sanitary equipment, each bathroom has a sink with storage furniture at the bottom. It is complemented by a modern toilet and a practical shower protected by sliding door partitions.

House renovation in Barcelona

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