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House renovation in Balmes street of Barcelona

We continue to expand our list of house renovations in Barcelona completed in 2020. Our construction team has moved to Balmes Street to completely renovate the interior design and equipment of all spaces in the house. A very complete house renovation work with an excellent result.

All the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona are shown in the following video. We have shared it on our Youtube channel, where you can see all the work of house renovation and interior design that we are finalizing.

Interior design

One of the main objectives in this house renovation has been to improve the image of housing. For this task, a decorative style has been chosen in which neutral tones are the protagonists. These are widely used and effective colors, as they achieve large and bright spaces. In short, a perfect environment for a home.

In this way most walls have been painted in a soft beige tone. It combines perfectly with the laid parquet floor. Both in the living room and in the bedrooms a very cozy atmosphere has been achieved. The color white has been chosen for the new doors and plinths. Thus they are well defined and integrated into the global image.

Kitchen renovation

In this house renovation the kitchen is located in an own stay and it has been distributed in the form of L. Thanks to this new distribution a very ample and functional kitchen has been obtained. At the far right, the refrigerator has been built-in, with a stainless steel finish, and then the first section of countertop is born. It offers a large support and work surface and is equipped with a sink.

The worktop twists to the left to make way for a second section. A four-stove kitchen was installed in it. Already at the far left are the oven and microwave, embedded in the kitchen cabinet. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation has been the expansion of storage capacity. Both worktops have drawers and cabinets at both the bottom and top.

Bathroom renovation

In this house renovation, three bathrooms have been renovated. In all of them an interior design has been used in tune with the general image of the house. Given this we have used tiles of different neutral tones to tile the walls. In this way, fresh and bright spaces have been achieved. An ideal environment for a stay of daily use.

Now they all have complete and ready-to-use sanitary equipment. Each bathroom has a sink with built-in storage furniture and a toilet. They also have a water area, although with some differences. While the bathtub was kept in the master bathroom, the shower room has been replaced by a shower tray.

House renovations in Barcelona

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