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House renovation in Balmes street

At Grupo Inventia we have completed a new house renovation work in the city of Barcelona, ​​specifically we have completely rehabilitated a property located in Balmes street. In general, we managed to generate spacious and bright rooms combining neutral tonalities on the walls and a parquet flooring.

Before commenting on the details of this new house renovation we share a video in which you can see the general finishes of the work done.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an own room and is distributed through a U-shaped piece of furniture. At the end of the left side the refrigerator was fitted and then the first countertop section was fitted, equipped with a ceramic hob and a built-in oven at the bottom. In the counter of the central part the sink was placed and already in the right side a tile section was disposed destined to surface of support. The microwave was also fitted in the top piece of furniture.

In this kitchen renovation, neutral shades such as beige, kitchen furniture, or gray were used in the countertops. Altogether, a wide and luminous space was reached.

Reform of bathrooms

The walls of the main bathroom were tiled in half height with white beveled tiles, which was combined with the original hydraulic pavement that was restored. Regarding the sanitary equipment, the room counts on a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a bathtub.

The house also has a courtesy bathroom equipped with a toilet, a toilet and a shower, generating a space that offers the best features and functionality in its use. For the design a similar pattern to the previous one was followed, with the walls tiled to medium height with bevelled tiles and a hydraulic pavement.

House renovation in Barcelona

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