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House renovation in Barberà del Vallès

New house renovation work completed near Bracelona. This time we have completely renovated a house located in the municipality of Barberà del Vallès. A work of house renovation in which we have improved so much the appearances of the interior design as the one of the installations and the one of the equipment. This last point especially in spaces like the kitchen and the bathroom.

The house renovations that we execute in Grupo Inventia are characterized by being personalized and tailored to each client. In this case, the housing rehabilitation project has also been framed in the needs expressed by its owners. Thanks to our ability to adapt and the variety of materials we work with is a task more than acceptable for our professionals.

In the following video we present the finishes of this house renovation in Barberà del Vallès. The improvements made in all the rooms of the house can be appreciated. To find out more about completed projects, we invite you to follow us on our social networks.

Kitchen renovation in L

The kitchen occupies its own independent space which is accessed through a sliding door. From the beginning, this is a great improvement, as it makes the most of the kitchen space. It is a large space in which an L-shaped main kitchen cabinet has been placed.

At the ends of the right side there is a custom space to integrate the refrigerator. Then comes the longest stretch of worktop. It offers a large support and work surface, in addition to the ceramic hob. The oven has been integrated in the lower part, while in the upper piece of furniture the same has been done with the microwave. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity.

The countertop twists to the left and gives way to a second section equipped with a one-sin sink. At the bottom it has a custom space to integrate the dishwasher and more storage capacity. For the furniture of this kitchen renovation, a finish in medium wood tones has been chosen. It combines very well with the neutral tones of the walls and the gray color of the new kitchen floor.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has also been improved in both image and sanitary equipment. It now has modern and functional sanitary ware ready to offer the best features in its use. On the left side is a floating sink with storage capacity at the bottom. A bathroom cabinet with two drawers that comes in dark wood finishes.

The new toilet has been installed right in front. It is presented with a classic image with the cistern on the back, although with modern and current lines. At the bottom of this bathroom renovation has been located the water area. This is a fairly large shower tray that is protected by transparent partitions.

As for the new bathroom design, the general line applied throughout the house has been followed. Neutral tones to create a comfortable space that enhances the brightness and breadth. The walls have been completely tiled with white tiles. It is combined with a new bathroom floor that is tiled with a beige finish.

New contemporary interior design

In addition to the renovation work in the kitchen and bathroom, improvements have also been made to the interior design of the entire home. In general, a contemporary interior design has been chosen in which neutral tones are the protagonists. With them you get bright and spacious spaces that create pleasant and welcoming environments.

Most of the walls have been painted a soft shade of gray. It is a very cozy color that enhances other elements of new interior design of the house. For example, the new white doors or the plinths, which are also white. In this way, a homogeneous image has been achieved that accepts all types of decorations.

The pavement has also been changed in all spaces. Laminate parquet flooring has been installed in medium wood tones. It fits perfectly into the overall image that is intended and provides a greater feeling of warmth. A perfect feature in areas such as the livingroom or bedrooms.

Comprehensive reform budget

If you liked this house renovation project and are interested in renovating any aspect of your home, contact us. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request a tailor-made house renovation project and budget. In a few days we will have it ready and we will deliver it to you without any cost or commitment. We also answer queries via WhatsApp (icon at the top right).