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House renovation in Barcelona: Nàpols street

Grupo Inventia‘s team moved back to Carrer Nàpols de Barcelona to carry out a new house renovation. This time we were commissioned to equip the rooms of a new interior design, printing them a modern style. In addition, we carried out a complete bathrooms renovation.

In general, we achieved the completion of the house renovation in a satisfactory way, improving the interior design and the equipment of the key rooms. All this can be seen in the video that we share below.

Interior design

Both in the livingroom with the bedrooms a combination of neutral colors was chosen. The objective was to provide the rooms with a cozy atmosphere while attaining bright and visually spacious spaces. To paint the walls of the livingroom, a beige tone was chosen, while in some of the bedrooms a soft gray color was also used.

Thanks to the natural light that accesses the rooms, the aforementioned purposes are achieved, achieving suitable spaces for any time. These neutral shades are completed in both cases with a wooden flooring in wooden half tones. Besides generating a livingroom and cozy bedrooms, this pavement also gives them personality and warmth.

Bathrooms renovation

The property had two bathrooms and both were completely renewed in the image and in the sanitary equipment. Taking into account the measures of each room, after the renovation work, these rooms have a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a comfortable shower. This last element is protected with a transparent screen of sliding doors.

For the new interior design of the bathrooms, he opted to follow the general line of the house, using neutral tonalities. In both cases the walls were completely tiled with beige tiles, a tone very similar to that of the stoneware pavement that was placed. Thanks to this, other finishes, such as those of wood that can be seen in the furniture of the main bathroom, were introduced.

House renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia offers you a personalized house renovation project that is tailored to your needs. You can request it by contact with us and we will deliver it for free and without obligation.