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House renovation in Blesa steet of Barcelona

Once again we have taken it upon ourselves to carry out a house renovation in Barcelona. On this occasion we have moved to calle Blesa to completely renovate a flat. Our interior design and construction departments have joined forces to achieve the home desired by the owners.

As specialists in house renovations we can adapt to all types of decorative styles and needs. We also adjust to your budget by offering the best qualities on the market. The main objective is that you enjoy your new home from the first day and for many years.

Now we will focus on this new house renovation in Barcelona. We share the finishes of this house on Blesa street in the following video. To learn more about our way of working you can follow us on social networks. We update them every day with content specific to our house renovations.

Linear kitchen renovation

This kitchen is located in its own space and independent from the rest of the house. The surface of the kitchen is rectangular and a linear kitchen layout has been used. It now has everything you need to offer the best functionality in use. Each new element is placed in the indicated link and integrated into the kitchen set.

On the far right, just next to the entrance, we have placed the refrigerator and the washing machine. Both appliances are integrated into the white kitchen furniture. Next, the countertop is born and extends to the other end of the room. It is elongated and offers support and work surface.

A single sink and a glass ceramic plate have been installed on the beige worktop. Another novelty in this kitchen renovation is that both the lower and upper parts have storage space. Precisely in these areas the oven and the dishwasher and the oven have been integrated, respectively.

Functional bathroom

Another of the spaces that we have improved in this renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. Like the rest of the floor, we have worked based on a modern design and a functional distribution of elements. Thanks to our offer for bathroom renovations, we can easily achieve this.

In this bathroom renovation, three new sanitary pieces have been installed. The toilet, which is located to the left of the entrance, is large and has two drawers for storage. At the back of the bathroom we have placed a modern toilet with the cistern in the back.

Just to the right of the previous one we have arranged the new water area. We have installed a rectangular shower tray. As for the new image of the bathroom, we have used gray tiles for the wall tiling. The new floor tiles are of a similar tone to achieve a bright and fresh bathroom.

Interior design company

Home renovation work is much more than demolition and installations. Our renovations company in Barcelona also takes care of the entire interior design project. The owners transfer their ideas to us and our department of interior design in Barcelona is responsible for developing the project.

For the new image of this apartment in Barcelona, ​​a contemporary design with neutral tones has been chosen. The objective has been to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and brightness in all spaces. For this, the walls of the different spaces have been painted white. Natural light can easily flow into every corner of the house.

The new doors are white and contribute to creating a homogeneous image throughout the floor. It is accompanied by frames and plinths also in white. A laminated parquet floor in natural wood tones has been used for the new floor. With this element, a feeling of warmth and well-being is generated, ideal in spaces such as bedrooms.

House renovation budget

The big question is how much is a house renovation? This answer may vary depending on several factors. We prepare a personalized and tailor-made renovation budget based on the needs of each owner. To request it, you can call us on 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in a few days and deliver it to you without obligation.