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House renovation in Calàbria street in Barcelona

Let’s comment on the details of a new house renovation work we have done in Barcelona. We have moved to a house located on Calàbria street where we have been responsible for improving the image and equipment of the house. Another renewal that joins our list of house renovation successfully completed.

At Grupo Inventia we offer house renovation projects tailored to suit all styles and budgets. One of them is that of this new work whose finishes can be seen in the following video. If you want to know more about our house renovations in Barcelona we invite you to follow us on Youtube.

New image

For this house on Calàbria street, a contemporary interior design has been chosen. The highlight of this decorative style is that neutral colors predominate. Using this type of shade you can generate warm and very cozy space. Two key sensations when creating a feeling of home.

In turn, spaces such as the living room or bedrooms become very bright and spacious spaces. It is a perfect option for daily well-being and to enjoy it to the fullest in the most relaxed moments. All this is enhanced with the new pavement. An imitation parquet ceramic floor that offers benefits in both image and strength.

Open kitchen renovation

In this house renovation we find an open kitchen, distributed in L and with a kitchen island. Thanks to this last element achieves a wide surface of support and a greater capacity of storage. Like the rest of the kitchen furniture, it is white and homogeneous with the general decoration.

The kitchen peninsula is L-shaped. On one side we have an elongated worktop equipped with a sink and a hob that combines stoves and ceramic hobs. Both at the bottom and top of the countertop there are several cabinets and drawers. In the smallest part, custom-made holes have been arranged to fit the new appliances. They consist of oven, microwave and refrigerator.

Bathroom renovation

In this house renovation in Barcelona, two bathrooms have been completely improved. Now each of them has the necessary equipment to offer the best service. In each bathroom there is a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. In one of them the bathtub has been maintained, while in the other a shower tray has been placed.

For the new image of the bathrooms the general tone has been followed. Neutral tones have been used in order to generate very bright spaces and a pleasant atmosphere. In this way the walls have been tiled with beige tiles and the bathroom furniture has wood finishes. Each of them also has a large bathroom mirror and a completely renovated faucet.

House renovations in Barcelona

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