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House renovation in Carretera d’Esplugues

In the house renovation company Grup Inventia we have completed a new job this week. Our team has moved to the Carretera d’Esplugues to completely rehabilitate a home, improving both the aspects of the interior design and the key housekeeping equipment.

Generally speaking, a contemporary style home has been achieved and is ready to offer the best benefits both in the day to day and in the most relaxed moments. Before reviewing the most outstanding details of this new house renovation, we share a video so you can appreciate the general finishes.

Interior design

As we have mentioned, our Barcelona interior design team was in charge of developing a project with which it was able to provide the home of a current and cozy image. In this way, painting works were carried out using neutral shades, those indicated to generate amplitude and luminosity in rooms such as the living room or the bedrooms.

The walls are presented in gray and white doors, creating a very pleasant contrast in rooms designed for rest and socialization. On the other hand, these details combine with a parquet flooring to natural wood finishes. Thus personality warmth was achieved in every corner of the house.

Bathroom renovation

Another of the renovated rooms, both in equipment and in image, was the bathroom. After the bathroom renovation work the room has a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a protected shower with sliding door screens. In short, a room is ready to offer the best services.

For the new bathroom image, a total tiled wall was used using large beige tiles. This changes in the walls of the shower, which were tiled with mosaic tiles of the same color. For its part the pavement maintains the same image as in the rest of the house, but of a suitable material for the room. In the bathroom, tiles finished in wood were placed.

House renovations

At Grupo Inventia we prepare your house renovation project in accordance with your tastes and needs. To get it for free and without any commitment or obligation, you can contact us.