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House renovation in Castelldefels

In addition to working in Barcelona city in Grupo Inventia we also carry out house renovations in nearby towns. This is the case of our most recent work in which we have moved to Castelldefels. We have not been in charge of completely renewing the image of all the rooms of the house. In the same way we have also carried out a complete kitchen renovation.

Like this one, we share the result of our house renovations on our Youtube channel. There you will be able to see more house renovation in Castelldefels and other municipalities of Barcelona. We like to present the work we do and share all the details regarding improvements in interior design and facilities.

Contemporary interior design

The overall image of the house has changed from its original state. Now each of its spaces has a contemporary style interior design. A more current image that makes it easier to decorate. Our interior design team has worked based on the needs of the owners achieving an excellent result.

In this comprehensive renovation most walls have been painted white. This is an ideal option for light to spread to every corner of the house. In addition to having good natural light inputs, a new lighting installation has also been installed. For this we have opted for bull’s eye lights. Discreet and functional.

This pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is completed by the placement of an imitation parquet ceramic floor. This wood finish generates greater warmth in rooms such as the livingroom or bedrooms. Following the image of the new pavement, the plinths are also presented with a wood finish.

Linear kitchen renovation

In this work of house renovation in Castelldefels we have also completely renovated the kitchen. It is located in a separate room and is distributed linearly. At the far right, custom-made holes have been arranged to integrate the appliances. Specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave.

Then an elongated countertop is born that reaches to the other end of the kitchen. It offers a large support and work surface. She has also installed a ceramic hob and a single sink. In general, a functional and ready kitchen has been achieved to offer the best features.

In addition to the new equipment, the image of the kitchen has also been renewed. The overall decorative line has been followed, using the white color on the walls and placing the same ceramic floor. The bottom of the kitchen cabinet is also white, while the top cabinets have wood finishes.

House renovations Grupo Inventia

Our professionals develop house renovations projects customized for each client. We work with a wide range of products and materials, we adapt to all styles and budgets. To request your house renovation project you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form.