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House renovation in Cervelló

The house renovation company Grupo Inventia has moved to the town of Cervelló to carry out a complete house renovation. In it, our team has worked to provide both new interior design and complete equipment, especially in key rooms and daily use such as kitchen and bathroom. After the renovation, the house looks contemporary and modern.

It is done through the combination of neutral tones in rooms such as the livingroom and the bedrooms, as well as in common spaces such as the corridors. In the following video you can see the details of this new work.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open, although it occupies its own space and is practically independent. It has a rectangular surface, so a distribution of kitchen was used to L. In the bottom of the room there was a gap to fit the refrigerator and at its side there was already a small section of the counter.

The central part of this kitchen renovation is occupied by an elongated countertop equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. Both in its lower and lower areas were placed storage cabinets, also the oven and the microwave were fitted respectively. At the open part of the counter, the desk stands out and gives way to a kitchen bar.

Bathroom renovation

In the bathroom, it sought to create a cozy space that would generate lightness and sensation of amplitude. This was achieved using beige tiles to completely tile the walls and combine it with a stoneware gray floor. Coupled with natural light from outside, the objective was achieved.

Regarding healthcare equipment, this is complete and is ready to offer the best features and functionality in its use. The washbasin has a storage cabinet at the bottom, an essential detail in any bathroom. To this they follow a toilet of classic image and a built-in shower protected with screens of sliding doors.

House renovations company

Grupo Inventia we have all the necessary so that your house renovation is a success. The best professionals in the sector will advise you that there is nothing missing in your new home. Get to know our services by contacting us.