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House renovation Comandante Benítez street in Barcelona

We have completed a new house renovation work in Barcelona. This time an apartment located on Comandante Benítez street. Our professionals have been responsible for improving both the visual appearance and the facilities. Now the home is ready and ready to offer the best benefits.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovations company we can adapt to all types of needs. For this new renovation in Barcelona, work has been done based on the idea of modernizing each of its spaces. One of the main goals has been to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.

All the improvements that have been made in this house renovation are presented in the following video. If you are thinking of renovating your home and want to see examples, you can follow us on social media. We update them daily with new content and projects that we end every week. We also work in and around Barcelona, renovating flats, houses, villas, etc.

Updated interior design

One of the aspects to improve in this house had to do with interior design. The original was out of date and needed an urgent change. Following the line discussed with the owners, work has been done to apply a contemporary design in all spaces. This means that now the house is presented with very bright and spacious spaces.

These are two essential features in a modern home. In this way the walls of spaces such as the livingroom, bedrooms or hallway have been painted in a soft beige tone. It certainly creates a very nice and warm atmosphere. This aspect is also enhanced with the new parquet flooring in natural wood tones.

As for the interior design, other elements such as doors and windows have also been renovated. Both pieces are white and create a nice contrast with the beige color of the walls we mentioned. The same goes for the sockets, which are also white.

Open kitchen

A space that has been completely renovated in this house is the kitchen. At Grupo Inventia we specialize in this type of work and we can adapt to any demand. In fact, a wall has been torn down in order to move from a separate kitchen to an open kitchen. The goal of connecting the kitchen to the rest of the house has been achieved.

The new U-shaped distribution and the appliances are integrated at the far left end. There are custom openings for the fridge, oven, microwave and even a wine cellar. An U-shaped worktop is then created, which offers a large support and work surface. A ceramic hob has been installed in the first section, while a sink has been installed in the second section. The countertop on the right side is presented as an extra support space in which small appliances can also be placed.

A notable improvement in kitchen renovation is the storage capacity. Drawers and cupboards have been placed along the entire bottom. In turn, top cabinets have also been anchored to the wall on the left. The lower part of the kitchen furniture is white, while the high cabinets are presented with wood finishes.

New bathrooms

The bathrooms have also been completely refurbished. In fact, only one of them has been renovated, as the second bathroom has been created with this house renovation. The old gallery space has been used to create a fully equipped bathroom. This way the house gains an extra space of hygiene.

In both cases, a complete three-piece sanitary equipment has been installed. One of them is the new sink with built-in storage furniture in its lower area. It is accompanied by a toilet and a water area. For the latter elements, in both cases, a shower tray has been chosen, which is protected by sliding door partitions.

The new image of the two bathrooms responds to the general style of the whole house. Here, too, a contemporary style has been followed to achieve bright and spacious spaces. The walls have been tiled with white beveled tiles and a hydraulic floor has been installed. In general, bathroom renovations that meet current needs.

House renovation budget

This house renovation has been one of the custom projects we have completed. If you also want yours you can call us at 93 209 97 17 and request it without any commitment. We will deliver the project to you together with a detailed budget and adjusted to your indications. If your home is in Barcelona or nearby, we are your renovation company.