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House renovation in Comandante Benítez street in Barcelona

A new work of house renovation in Barcelona has taken us to Comandante Benítez street. There we have taken care of renovating all aspects of this house. We have applied a new interior design and we have also equipped key areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

All this based on a personalized project based on the tastes and needs of the owners. Once approved by the owners of the property, our construction team is responsible for turning the project into a reality. Our interior design department also provides advice throughout the construction process.

To appreciate the finishes of this house renovation you can see the following video. On our YouTube or Instagram channel we share the results of all our renovations in Barcelona and its surroundings. Follow us to learn first-hand about our way of working and all the possibilities we offer.

U-shaped kitchen

The kitchen is one of the vital spaces in a home and for that reason we have a department specialized in kitchen renovations. We have a wide variety of items for your new kitchen. From multiple options for the new image to a catalog of household appliances from proven brands.

This time it is an open kitchen with a U-shaped distribution. The right side, the open one, is destined to be a breakfast bar, a space in which to make the different meals. In addition, it offers a very large and effective support and work surface.

The sink is located in the central countertop section and the ceramic hob is located on the countertop on the right side. Already at the end there are custom-made holes to integrate the new appliances. The kitchen can be equipped with an oven, a sink and a fridge. It also has a dishwasher in the lower area of ​​the kitchen unit.

New bathroom

Another private space that has been improved in this house renovation is the bathroom. In the same way as with kitchens, we also have a wide range of materials and elements for bathroom renovations. Our goal as a company is that you can have everything you need for your bathroom renovation.

As for the new sanitary equipment, a floating sink with storage in its lower part has been installed. This ensures a perfect organization of all bathroom products. Right next to it the new toilet has been installed. It maintains the classic image with the tank on the back, although it is presented with modern and rounded lines.

For the water area, a shower tray protected with sliding door screens has been chosen. This avoids uncomfortable splashes to the rest of the bathroom. All this in a space with white tiled walls and a new gray floor. In general, a modern bathroom with a most pleasant atmosphere.

Interior designers in Barcelona

In addition to having a wide range of materials, we also have the best specialists when it comes to choosing them. In our department of interior design in Barcelona you will receive the necessary prior advice to define the comprehensive reform project. This service extends until the last day of the work.

On this occasion we have worked to apply a contemporary design with a current image. It translates into a greater presence of neutral tones that generate bright and spacious spaces. In this way it is possible to create the cozy and warm atmosphere that is appreciated in a real home.

For this, the walls of this apartment have been painted white. Thus the light can flow through all the spaces in a natural way. New white doors have also been placed, as well as the frames and baseboards. In this way the image is much more homogeneous and linear. The original floor has also been changed for a parquet floor in medium wood tones.

Renovation budget

If the time has come to improve your home, at Grupo Inventia we can help you achieve it. We are versatile and adapt to any demand. In the same way that we work based on the budget you have available. We prepare your renovation project and budget without commitment and deliver it to you in a few days. To request it, call us at 93 209 97 17.