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House renovation on Comte Borrell street in Barcelona

A new work of house renovation in Barcelona takes us to the Comte Borrell street. Our professionals have been in charge of completely renovating this Barcelona home. Improvements have been made to the interior design and installation aspects. In the second section, new equipment has also been installed in key areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

At the renovation company in Barcelona Grupo Inventia we have everything you need to make your home look the way you want it to. Our catalogs in new materials are as extensive as they are varied. We can adapt to all styles and adjust the budget to your needs. In any case, we always offer the best quality on the market and guarantee a successful result.

We present the general finishes of this new renovation in Barcelona in the following video. You will find daily news on our social networks. We share all the house renovations we have completed so you can see the versatility of our projects. We also compare the before and after so that all the changes and improvements we make to the homes can be seen.

Kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that we have been responsible for renovating on this floor of Barcelona is the kitchen. It is located in its own independent livingroom, although it has a design similar to the rest of the house. Even if there is a separation of spaces, it is recommended that a homogeneous interior design be maintained between them.

Due to the large surface area available, a kitchen distribution on two fronts has been used. The right side is occupied by a kitchen vine that serves as an extra space for support and work. In turn, it has cabinets at the bottom that expand the storage capacity in the kitchen. Another highlight of this kitchen renovation is the sliding front door. In this way it is possible to make the most of the space available in the room.

The main kitchen cabinet has been placed on the left side. It has an elongated worktop in which a sink and a ceramic hob have been installed. The microwave has been integrated in the upper cabinets, while the oven and dishwasher have been integrated in the lower storage area. For its part, a custom-made hole has been arranged at the far left to integrate the refrigerator.

All wrapped in a contemporary kitchen design with neutral colors. The cabinets are white, while the countertops and flooring are gray. This is a very effective combination for the new image of a modern kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

Our renovation team has also been in charge of carrying out two complete bathroom renovations. The goal is clear: to give both spaces a pleasant image and great functionality. To achieve this, we have an extensive catalog of options so that your new bathroom has everything you need.

In both cases the same interior design has been used for the new image. Being a space for daily use, the bathroom must offer a cozy atmosphere and be tidy and organized. In these cases the walls have been tiled with beige tiled tiles that create a bright and visually spacious atmosphere.

It is accompanied by a new soft gray pavement that fits perfectly. Our catalog of bathroom floors is very varied and you can choose from different colors, finishes and textures. One feature of our flooring is that it is made of durable and durable materials.

As for the new sanitary equipment, each bathroom renovation has a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. At this last point we have opted for a practical shower tray.

New interior design

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom renovations, improvement work has also been carried out on the interior design of the house. Among them painting works to get a much more current and contemporary image. Specifically, the walls have been painted white so that the light can reach all the corners of the house.

In turn, all the doors have also been changed. Whether with a hinge or sliding doors, they come in a soft wood finish. For the new floor, a parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been chosen. In general, an ideal image to generate the warmth that is presumed to be a home.

Comprehensive reform budget

At Grupo Inventia we work so that your house renovation has everything you need and ends successfully. You can request your renovation budget without any commitment by calling 93 209 97 17. We work both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns.