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House renovation in Comte Urgell street of Barcelona

A new house renovation in Barcelona joins our list of completed works. This time we returned to Compte Urgell street to carry out the total renovation of a house. The owners were interested in improving the interior design and the two bathrooms of the apartment in question.

In the following video that we share you can see the finishes achieved in this house renovation. A new image much more modern and ready to offer the best atmosphere. If you want to know more house renovations than we have done we invite you to follow our Youtube channel and our social networks.

Renovated interior design

One of the main demands in this house renovation project was to modernize the image of all the rooms in the house. Based on the needs and tastes of the owners, our interior design department has worked on it. The choice was a contemporary style decor.

In this type of interior design, neutral tones are given prominence. It is because they are very grateful colors and with which you get very bright and spacious spaces. In short, a very cozy and perfect image for a home. In this way the walls of all the rooms have been painted white, combining with the plinths and the new doors, which are the same color.

The pavement also plays a leading role in this house renovation in Barcelona. For neutral spaces it is ideal to use a parquet floor. In this case we have opted for a parquet floor in medium shades of wood. The finish of this surface brings warmth to the rooms, something desired in areas for the living room and bedrooms.

Kitchen renovation

It is an open concept kitchen and distributed in a U-shape with three sections of countertop. The sink has been placed on the countertop on the right side and the glass ceramic hob on the center. Already on the left side the countertop is intended for support and work surface. Another improvement in this kitchen is that it has storage capacity along the entire bottom and in several sections of the top.

On the other hand the refrigerator, oven and microwave have been embedded in an attached kitchen cabinet. As for the new image, the decorative line of the house renovation has been followed. In this way a white kitchen furniture has been used. The walls have also been tiled with white tiles, achieving a very bright space.

Bathroom renovation

As we have mentioned in this house renovation, two bathrooms have been renovated. There is a difference in size between them, but that has not prevented them from being able to be fully equipped. Now the bathrooms are ready to be functional in use. The new sanitary equipment consists of a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a shower tray. The space offered by both rooms has been made the most of.

The most noticeable differences refer to the image of the bathrooms. In one of them the color white has been used more. For example in bathroom furniture and tiles. We have a very bright and visually spacious bathroom. In the other case, the beige color for the tiles has been chosen. It is also a good option, as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In this case the bathroom furniture has wood finishes.

House renovations in Barcelona

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