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House renovation in Comtes de Bell-lloc of Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia, we have successfully completed a new house renovation work in the city of Barcelona. This time we have been responsible for completely rehabilitating a property located in the Comtes de Bell-lloc street. We carried out a series of improvements both in the interior design and the key housekeeping equipment.

In general, a very current image was obtained and it offers the best features. Based on a combination of neutral tones, we managed to provide each room with a greater sensation of amplitude and luminosity.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open, but it occupies its own space. On the left wall a kitchen cabinet was fitted with custom holes to fit the appliances, consisting of a refrigerator, oven, microwave and wine cellar. In addition, storage space was generated a small surface of support.

On the right wall there was a U-shaped counter. With it, the surface of support and work is extended extensively. It is also equipped with a vitroceramic plate and a dishwasher. It also has storage capacity in the lower part of the kitchen counter and in a section of the upper space.

Bathroom renovations

Both bathrooms have a sanitary equipment that offers the best benefits and functionality in its use. It consists of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower. It emphasizes that in both cases the toilet is suspended, a detail that makes the bathrooms very modern.

As for the interior design, he opted for a full tiled wall with beige tiles. This generates a very nice and cool atmosphere in both bathrooms. In turn, it gives rise to the introduction of other finishes, such as wood.

House renovation in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia, we develop house renovation projects that are personalized and tailored to your needs. You can request it along with your quote and we will deliver it for free and without obligation.