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House renovation in Concepció Arenal street of Barcelona

This same week we have completed a new rehabilitation of housing. Grupo Inventia’s house renovations team has moved to Concepció Arenal street to carry out improvements in interior design and housing equipment that now looks contemporary and is ready to offer the best features.

Next we will review some of the most outstanding aspects of the work done, although we previously share a video that can be seen in the general finishes. After the work of house renovation in Barcelona, the house has spacious and bright rooms, using neutral shades in the paintwork and combining them with a parquet flooring.

Kitchen renovation

This is an open kitchen and the new distribution is in the form of L. In this way a perfect arrangement for the new elements was achieved and this is a space that offers the ideal mobility to make use of them. An L-shaped countertop was installed that has a ceramic hob and a sink.

Just in front of the kitchen counter there was a kitchen cabinet in which the appliances were fitted. These are made up of a refrigerator, oven and microwave. Another detail of this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity. Along the lower part of the countertops and in a part of the upper part several drawers and closets were placed.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom was also improved in both interior design and sanitary equipment. It is a spacious space where a sink with storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a shower was available. The separation of the latter was done with a wall of work, which resulted in a separate space and which protected the rest of the splashing room.

As for the new image, the walls were tiled in medium height with beige tiles and the rest was painted white until reaching the ceiling. In this way the bathroom looks like a very bright room. For the pavement, he opted for a stoneware floor of soft gray tone. In addition to combining perfectly with the overall floor space, it offers many facilities at the time of maintenance.

House renovations Barcelona

The professionals of Grupo Inventia will advise you in a personalized way and will adapt to your needs so that your house renovation will be a success. You can request your budget easily and we will deliver it without any cost or commitment.