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House renovation in Concili de Trento street in Barcelona

We have been in charge of completely renovating a house located in Concili de Trento street in Barcelona. It now has a modern image and functional equipment in key areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Like all the house renovations we do, it is tailored and based on the needs of the owners.

As a specializing renovations company, we have a wide range of options to improve all the spaces in a flat. In this case it is a complete project in which we have gone from a simple apartment to a real home. Each new element is designed to offer the best performance.

Before commenting on the new details, we share a video in which we show all the finishes of this house renovation in Barcelona. Every day we update our social networks with our own content. This way we can show our way of working transparently and that all those interested can have real examples.

Contemporary interior design

One of the first improvements that must be considered in a house renovation project is the interior image. Being also an interior design company in Barcelona, we have experts in interior design. We provide personalized advice throughout the reform process.

On this occasion, a contemporary interior design has been applied with neutral tones and wood finishes. The walls have been painted white to allow light to flow easily to all corners of the house. In this way we generate spaces with a warm and welcoming environment.

We have thought of a homogeneous interior design and for that reason we have applied it in all the spaces. In this way, both the living room and the bedrooms come with the same neutral and relaxed atmosphere. The new pavement also contributes to this, a laminated parquet floor in light wood tones.

It is an ideal combination and one of the most demanded in a house renovation. While the white color enhances the feeling of brightness and spaciousness, the wood provides greater warmth. For this particular case, new white doors have also been placed to maintain linearity in the interior design.

Linear kitchen

We have been in charge of kitchen renovation of this apartment in Barcelona. The kitchen is located in its own space with a rectangular surface. At the right end, a custom-made hole has been left to place the refrigerator. Then an elongated worktop is born that extends to the other end of the kitchen.

The worktop offers a large support and work surface. In addition, it is equipped with a single sink and a ceramic hob. The bottom and top of the cocoon furniture have also been used to integrate the oven and microwave. It is a very complete kitchen renovation with all the necessary appliances.

The kitchen furniture is white and follows the overall interior design of the home. It has storage capacity in the lower and upper part of the worktop. The panels of the drawers and wardrobes with smooth and white. It combines well with the new gray tile flooring.

Functional bathroom

We have also been responsible for carrying out improvements in the bathroom. A space for daily use that needs to always be in the best condition. In this sense, we have applied innovations both in the interior design and in the sanitary equipment. After the bathroom renovation, it guarantees functionality in use.

The new sanitary equipment consists of three pieces. To the left of the entrance we find a classic image toilet with the cistern in the back. It is followed by a floating toilet with storage capacity. At the back of the bathroom is the water area, a floor-level shower tray with sliding door screens.

We have a wide variety of design options for bathroom renovations. In this hygiene space we have tiled the walls with beige tiles. In this way, the contemporary image of the whole floor is maintained. We have also placed gray tiles as a new floor.

House renovation budget

With Grupo Inventia you can have everything you need in your new home. Each house renovations project is unique and we prepare it based on your tastes and needs. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without commitment. In a few days we will have it ready to deliver.