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House renovation in Congrès street of Barcelona

This week we have completed another house renovation in Barcelona. Grupo Inventia’s team moved to Congrès street to complete the renovation and development of the image and the equipment of the rooms of this house. Again, some finishes were at the pleasure of the owners.

In general, and as you can see in the following video, we applied a contemporary style ready to offer the best environments both in the day to day and when receiving visits.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen, one of the most important areas in a home, was redesigned and completely equipped using a distribution in L. At the left end the refrigerator and oven were placed, because an elongated kitchen counter It offers a support surface and is equipped with a sink and a ceramic hob. At the far right a new countertop was placed and the upper cabinets were fitted to the microwave.

Another improvement in this kitchen renovation was the expansion of storage capacity. Now the room has several closets and drawers along the bottom of the cooking plate. A white kitchen cabinet was used to obtain a visually wide and very bright space. This is combined with a very fine hydraulic flooring.

Bathroom renovations

In this house renovation, we were in charge of the complete renovation of two bathrooms. In the aspect of the sanitary equipment each bathroom has a toilet, a toilet and a zone of waters. Among them there are slight differences, since in the main bathroom in the bathroom there is less storage and that the water area is a bathtub, while in the courtesy bathroom a shower was installed.

Each bathroom renovation was based on a total tiled wall, achieving fresh and pleasant spaces. Both were used white tiles, but in each of them they were combined with other finishes. In the main bathroom the wall of the sink was tiled with tiles that simulated to be wood, however, in the courtesy bath used hydraulic tiles for the shower wall.

House renovations in Barcelona

If you need to renew the image and the equipment of the home, in Grup Inventia you will find the best professionals so that the your house renovation will be a success. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and we will inform you without any commitment.