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House renovation in Creu Coberta street in Barcelona

This same week we put an end to a new work of house renovation in Barcelona. Our team has been in charge of completely renovating a house located on Creu Coberta street. A project that has involved improving both the interior design and the equipment of your rooms.

As a house renovations company committed to our customers, we offer the best options for the new home. The advice of our professionals is personalized and we are available for any queries. All this with the key factor of having a wide range of options for each space of the house.

Kitchen, bathrooms, paint, floors, doors, etc. With Grupo Inventia it will be very easy to find what you are looking for. We offer versatility and adapt to all decorative styles and budgets. Something that does not prevent us from offering the best materials on the market. In our house renovations we guarantee the best finishes.

New interior image

One of the first points to improve in this house was the interior design. The owners were looking for a more current image for the spaces of their home. Our interior designers in Barcelona have worked on the basis of a contemporary style to provide light and spaciousness to every corner of the house.

Under this premise, neutral tones have been used to paint the walls. In this way, natural light is spread evenly. In turn, original elements have also been maintained that add personality to the design of this house. Among them is the brick wall seen from the living area.

Also wooden doors and windows. They have been restored according to the new image and fit perfectly. They stand out appropriately from the new colors that dress the living room the hallway or the bedrooms. A change of pavement has also been carried out in these rooms. We have opted for a laminate flooring, a resistant surface that brings warmth to the overall image.

Open kitchen renovation

We have also taken care of a complete kitchen renovation. In this case an open concept kitchen that has been distributed in the shape of a U. A highly functional space has been generated that allows the best mobility. A good detail is found on the left side, where a section of countertop has been placed. It serves as a support and work surface in addition to a breakfast bar.

A one-breast sink has been chosen and integrated into the central countertop. In this area there is storage capacity at both the bottom and top. Already on the right side we find the third section of worktop equipped with a ceramic hob. The kitchen furniture extends even further to the right. Custom bays have been set up there to integrate the new appliances. They consist of oven, microwave and refrigerator.

The new image of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is in line with the general design of the house. In kitchen furniture and countertops are white and create a very bright space. Wood finishes are also added to the top cabinets and the floor has also been changed. The surface of the kitchen is of hydraulic type tiles with a beautiful design in shades of blue and beige.

Bathroom renovation

Other spaces improved in this house renovation are the bathrooms. The house has two hygiene spaces in which new sanitary equipment has been installed. Both have a washbasin with built-in storage and a toilet. Also with a water area with a bathtub and a shower tray protected with sliding door partitions.

Different finishes have been used for the interior design of the bathrooms. In the main bathroom the walls have been tiled with beige tiles, the same color for the new floor tiles. In this way a warm and pleasant atmosphere has been achieved in a room of daily use. For its part, the complimentary bathroom is tiled with white tiles. A very bright and cool stay.

Other elements have also been installed in the two bathroom renovations. One of them is the bathroom mirrors that crown each of the sinks. In the same way, a complete renovation of the facilities has been carried out and a new faucet has been installed.

House renovation in Barcelona

The result of this house renovation has been highly satisfactory. We have made it possible for homeowners to enjoy a new home that offers them the best benefits. A project in which we have applied our knowledge and experience in every inch of the house.

If you think it is time to renovate your home or one of your rooms, you can also contact us. We will develop a more personalized budget project tailored to your needs. To request go all you have to do is call us at 93 209 97 17 or write an e-mail to