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House renovation in Ferlandina street of Barcelona

The Grupo Inventia team has completed a new house renovations in Barcelona. This adds one more to the list of successful projects. This time we have been responsible for completely renovating a house located on Ferlandina street. The house renovation has seen an improvement in interior design and equipment in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

In fact the general finishes of the house renovation work can be seen in the following video. If you feel like more we invite you to follow us on our Youtube channel. There we upload the videos of all the house renovations in Barcelona and the neighborhoods we carry out.

New interior design

In this house renovation, our interior design department has worked on the housing makeover project. The goal was to get large and cozy spaces, to turn this house into a home. To this end, a contemporary style design has been printed, although original elements have also been restored.

For example, wooden windows, exposed wooden beams or the volta catalana ceiling. From there the walls have been painted white, the ideal tone for natural light to extend to every corner. The pavement has also been renovated and one has been placed in accordance with the desired new image. In this sense, the house now has a resistant parquet floor in medium shades of wood.

Kitchen renovation

We find a kitchen renovation open and distributed in the form of L. Given its location this is a perfect arrangement to make the most of available space. In turn, this new kitchen is ready to offer the best features and functionality in its use. At the far right we have a custom hole to complete the refrigerator.

Then a section of countertop is born equipped with a ceramic hob and an oven integrated in its lower part. The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section. It expands the support surface and is equipped with a sink. Storage capacity has been provided on both sides at the bottom and top. The colors used in the kitchen furniture fit perfectly into the whole of the house renovation. It is gray and is combined with white countertops.

Bathroom renovation

Other spaces that have been improved in this house renovation in Barcelona are the bathrooms. As for the image, both follow a very similar design and in line with the overall image of the house. They use neutral tones that help generate large and bright spaces.

In this way the walls have been tiled at half height with beige tiles and the rest of the wall has been painted white. As for the sanitary equipment, one of them has a floating sink and a toilet. On the other hand we have another bathroom equipped with a sink with storage cabinet and a shower tray protected with transparent partitions.

House renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia puts at your disposal the best professionals in the interior design and house renovations in Barcelona. With personalized advice and a wide range of possibilities, you will ensure that your house renovation has everything you need. To request your project and budget you can call us at 93 209 97 or write to We will deliver them to you free of charge and without obligation.