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House renovation in Cornellà de Llobregat

To carry out our most recent house renovation, we have moved to the municipality of Cornellà de Llobregat. There we have been in charge of renovating each and every one of the spaces and aspects of this home. We have worked on improving the interior image and also on the equipment.

In this last section, the works of kitchen renovation and also bathroom renovation stand out. Thanks to our versatility in construction and our catalog of materials, we offer a tailor-made service. We adapt to all styles and budgets, offering materials of proven quality in the market.

Likewise, we take care of house renovations in Barcelona and the neighborhoods. We have a multidisciplinary team that will travel and advise you throughout the reform process. To request a customized budget for your case, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will give it to you without obligation.

The finishes of this renovation in Cornellà are shared in the following video. Follow us on social networks to know all our projects. Actual updates daily.

Kitchen on two fronts

The kitchen is in its own and independent space. It has a large surface area and has opted for a kitchen distribution on two fronts. Now the kitchen is a functional space that offers excellent mobility. It also has equipment that turns it into a functional kitchen.

On the left side, a piece of kitchen furniture has been placed that has a worktop and storage capacity in its lower and upper part. A glass ceramic plate has been installed on the worktop accompanied by an extractor hood. This is a removable hood and is hidden in the upper cabinets.

For their part, the new appliances have been integrated at the ends. The refrigerator is located on the left side. While on the far right there are holes made to measure to place the oven and the microwave. A piece of furniture with the same characteristics has been installed on the right. The worktop has been equipped with a single sink.

Kitchen design

A contemporary design with neutral tones has been chosen for the new image of the kitchen. The kitchen furniture is white and the worktops are presented in an orange tone. This is a kitchen interior design that enhances the feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

In this kitchen renovation in Cornellà, other elements such as the kitchen floor have also been changed. A parquet imitation ceramic floor has been installed. Another detail in the new image of the kitchen can be seen on the back wall. It has been covered with a ceiling that imitates exposed brick to add personality to the overall image.

Modern bathroom

We have also been in charge of improving the bathroom of this house in Cornellà. A task that our interior designers in Barcelona embodied in a 3D project and that our construction workers have been responsible for turning into reality. Our offer in bathroom renovations is very wide and varied so that you can have just what you need in your new bathroom.

A three-piece sanitary equipment has been installed. In this way, the bathroom is presented as a functional space both for daily use and for more relaxed moments. One of the novelties in the floating toilet with drawers for storage in its lower area. The new toilet is also accompanied by a square bathroom mirror.

Shower with screens

Another of the new sanitary elements is the toilet. In this bathroom renovation in Cornellà, a floating toilet with a cistern hidden in the wall has been chosen. It is a very appreciated option for a contemporary bathroom. In addition to providing a modern image, it also generates more visual space.

On the left side is the water area which is composed of a shower with sliding door screens. A practical space that responds to current needs has been achieved. As in the bathroom, the shower tap is presented with a silver chrome finish.

On the other hand, the new bathroom design follows the neutral lines we have discussed in the kitchen. The walls are completely tiled with beige tiles and a parquet imitation ceramic floor has been laid. Hydraulic type tiles have been chosen for the shower wall, which add color and personality.

House renovation budget

In our house renovation company, we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. Tell us what you need and we will offer you the best options through a wide and varied catalog. We work in a personalized way so that you can have everything you need in every space of your new home.