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House renovation in Freser street of Barcelona

This week we have completed one of our house renovations in Barcelona. This was being carried out on Freser street and it was a complete renovation, improving both the aspects of the interior design of the home and the equipment in key rooms such as the kitchen and the bathrooms.

As can be seen in the following video, in this house renovation a contemporary interior design was applied. By combining neutral tonalities when painting the walls and placing a parquet floor in medium wooden tones, bright and visually wide rooms were reached.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a separate room and is distributed on two fronts. On the left side was placed an elongated countertop, going from end to end, which was equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. It also has a large storage capacity, as it has cabinets and drawers both in the lower and upper part of the kitchen counter.

The right area of this kitchen renovation is occupied by a white kitchen cabinet. In addition to expanding the storage capacity of the stay, it has hollow to fit the oven, the microwave and the refrigerator. In summary, a totally renovated kitchen was obtained and that is ready to offer the best benefits in its use.

Bathroom renovations

The property had two bathrooms and both were renovated and equipped completely. In both cases there is a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. This last element varies, since in the main bathroom the bath was maintained and in the one of courtesy a shower plate was placed.

Regarding interior design, the two bathroom renovations look bright and spacious. In the main bathroom the walls were completely tiled with white tiles, while in the courtesy they opted for a tiled half-height with tile metro type, also white. The image of the two rooms is cozy and perfect for a daily visit.

House renovations in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will be at your disposal the professionals indicated so that your house renovation in Barcelona has everything you need. Remember that you can request your budget easily and we will deliver it without any cost or commitment.