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Projects of house renovation and furniture Grupo Inventia

2 March, 2017 · Blog

Salón amueblado (calle Rosselló)
Mueble salón (calle Rosselló)
Dormitorio (calle Còrsega)
Baño (Calle Còrsega)

Since its inception, Grupo Inventia been characterized to provide the best house renovation projects both in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. Over the years, the company has specialized in renovations and restorations that allow owners to enjoy a home suitable moment and offering the best performance.

Consolidated at the top of the sector, Grupo Inventia expands its offer, in addition to a personalized project together with the preparation of the budget for free, a service of furniture, with the intention that the property owners can start renovated enjoying your new home from day one.

Livingrooms and bedrooms furnished

Having a wide range of suppliers and furniture, Grupo Inventia can get rooms as important as the living room and bedrooms they look spectacular on completing refurbishment project. Thus, the show will have a sofa, a cabinet for TV, coffee table, etc.

Meanwhile, the bedroom will not miss the bed and a wardrobe tailored so that they can organize all textiles. Precisely this last point we also have a wide variety, from curtains to bedding and carpets through.

Kitchens and bathrooms

With a house renovation the rooms of the kitchen and bathroom are pretty smart, but you must always add some detail so that they are completely full.

In the case of the kitchen, we can always supplement it with small appliances type coffee, blender, toaster, etc.

As for the bathroom, textile items such as mats and towels will be in accordance with the chosen design for the room and will be much more welcoming. In turn, the toilet soaps and other items can also choose from a wide variety.

Grupo Inventia house renovation and furniture

Grupo Inventia continue to grow to offer you the best options for your house renovation and furniture in Barcelona or nearby. Contact us for further information without any obligation.