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House renovation in Garcilaso street of Barcelona

Throughout the week, house renovation projects in Barcelona that we have active will be completed. One of them is the one we have concluded in a house on Garcilaso street. A complete renovation work complete with improvements in both the image and the equipment of the building.

Our interior design and construction team have been responsible for changing the look of each space on this floor in Barcelona. As you can see in the following video, it now has a modern and current image. In addition, its new equipment in spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom allow you to offer the best features at all times.

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Kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that has been renewed in this house renovation in Barcelona is the kitchen. This is an open kitchen renovation with several modules. An L-shaped kitchen layout has been implemented, much more functional and allowing excellent mobility. It has renewed the image and equipment.

The kitchen furniture is white and is combined with elegant gray countertops. The one on the left houses the sink, located just below the window. The worktop twists to the right and gives way to a second, longer section. It provides a large area of support and work. It is also equipped with a hob. Just below this the oven has been integrated.

The kitchen renovation has storage capacity at both the bottom and top. The microwave has been integrated into the latter. Other kitchen furniture has been placed, also in white with cabinets and drawers for storage and a section of countertop. The refrigerator has been integrated on the right side, which is camouflaged by the same cabinet doors.

New bathroom

Another of the key spaces that have been renovated and improved in this renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. In our company we have varied options for bathroom renovations. Getting the image and equipment you need will be very easy. We also offer all our products at a very competitive price.

One of the aspects that has changed in this bathroom renovation is the sanitary equipment. It now has a new sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a water area consisting of a bathtub. These are modern and highly functional toilets designed to last for many years.

The image of this bathroom has also been adapted to the overall design of the house. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles. In this way you get a very bright bathroom with a greater feeling of spaciousness. The new bathroom floor is a hydraulic floor with a design that combines several shades of beige. A detail that adds a lot of personality to this bathroom renovation in Barcelona.

Contemporary interior design

This work of house renovation has also involved a complete interior design project. Thanks to our department of interior design professionals, homeowners now have the image they were looking for. For this occasion, a contemporary interior design has been chosen. Bright and welcoming spaces predominate in this home.

Most walls have been painted in a soft beige tone that allows natural light to spread easily to every corner. It also creates a nice contrast with the new doors and white sockets. A very current image that creates a perfect atmosphere for all kinds of moments. From an evening with friends to a relaxed moment, the new interior design is warm and welcoming.

Another aspect improved in terms of the image of this house renovation is the pavement. A parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been placed on most of the surface of this house. A choice that makes the most of the previous details we have described. In addition, it is a resistant and durable material that needs simple maintenance.

House renovation budget

This is the result of the house renovation that we have carried out on Garcilaso street in Barcelona. Beyond this we have all kinds of options for your new home. Our experience and versatility allow us to adapt to all decorative styles and needs. In addition, we are open to all types of budgets, always offering the best qualities on the market.

To request your house renovation budget you can call us directly on 93 209 97 17. You can also contact us by WhatsApp using the icon the top right of this same website.