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House renovation in Gran Via in Barcelona

A new project of house renovation in the center of Barcelona. An ambitious project where we transform an old 240 m2 flat in Barcelona’s Eixample into a brand new space with a view of the Colosseum. The main objective of the project has been to adapt the space to the client, as well as to make the most of the characteristic architectural elements.

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Timeless interior design

The design proposal for this house renovation seeks to create an elegant floor with wide, neutral and bright spaces. In order to achieve uniformity and elegance on the floor, we have laid wide laminate parquet, imitation wood, which helps us to emphasize the magnitude of the space.

The walls, to give a feeling of light, are white, together with the plinth that is integrated into them. As for the bathrooms, we have placed ceramics in neutral tones and furniture that seeks to follow this sober aesthetic that characterizes the general image of the apartment.

Another element to highlight in the renovation are the mechanisms used, in this case, supplied by the Fontini brand. We find different styles, going through a more classic image, with visible mechanisms, in the area where we count brick, and another more sober style, with a built-in installation.

Thanks to this combination, we manage to create spaces that are timeless and adaptable to whoever lives in them. At the same time, by creating such a clean space, we managed to enhance elements such as the volta Catalana ceiling, which has been treated and cleaned, as well as the arches of one of the suites on the floor.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is proposed as an open space that it shares with the dining and lounge area. The work area, where we find the fridge, oven/microwave column, fire area and sink, is facing the TV area, so it allows us easy visual communication. On the other hand, we generate a second space more focused on storage where we find a perfect corner for quick meals in small groups.

In the center of the kitchen we find an island, where the induction hob is installed and a cylindrical hood that is the clear protagonist of the space. The island also offers us a small space to place stools and use it as a bar. Once finished, the kitchen is ready with a new appliance installation ready to use.

In terms of lighting, the kitchen is equipped with an LED under the tall furniture, designed for the counter work area and, in general terms, as it is an open space on the ceiling, we find eyes of bou built-in as in the rest of the house.

Bathroom renovation

3 bathrooms have been made in this house. All three are looking for a clean and neutral image. Gray tones and chrome taps have been used. Depending on the bathroom, the distribution and the preferences of the customer, it has been placed, bathtub, shower tray, floor or suspended toilet.

As for the lighting, in addition to the general lighting recessed into the ceiling, backlit mirrors have been placed and a perimeter LED 40cm from the floor to give the space a touch of luxury . One of the requirements of the flat was aerothermia, the machine for its operation is placed in the guest bathroom in a space, made specifically for this.

Custom house renovation

At Grupo Inventia we ensure that your new home has everything you need. We work with the best suppliers and brands to offer the best quality in your house renovation.