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House renovation in Barcelona: before and after

One of the most recent house renovations that we have completed takes us to Taquígraf Serra street in Barcelona. We have taken care of renovating all its areas to get a functional and modern apartment. It is now ready to offer the best performance from day one.

To check the improvements and changes we have made, let’s compare the before and after of this house renovation in Barcelona. Our experience and versatility allow us to work with all types of decorative styles. In the following video you can see the change we have applied to this Barcelona apartment.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the big changes in this renovation in Barcelona is the kitchen. It has gone from being in an independent room to being an open kitchen connected to the living room. Now the kitchen is located between the old living room and bathroom. In this way, the kitchen gains greater prominence on this floor.

Functionally, this kitchen renovation is distributed in a U shape and each element is located in the best possible place. On the right side we have placed the refrigerator and there is also a small worktop equipped with a sink. In the central part, the worktop provides support and work surface and we have installed the glass ceramic plate.

In the upper and lower part of the worktop there are drawers and cupboards for kitchen storage. These parts of the kitchen furniture have been used precisely to integrate the microwave and the oven, respectively. On the right side we have placed a new worktop that also functions as a breakfast bar.

Modern interior design

The kitchen is perfectly integrated into the new interior design of this home. The original look was old and needed to be updated urgently. For this Project of interior design in Barcelona we have done painting work, changing the floor and installing doors and windows, among others.

We have opted for a contemporary interior design with bright and visually spacious spaces. We have painted the walls white, the best option for natural light to flow through all the spaces in the house. For artificial light, we have installed porthole lights that illuminate the entire living room.

We have applied the same image to other areas of the house such as the bedrooms. Now the atmosphere of this apartment is very pleasant and cozy. Features that are also responsible for enhancing the new soil. The original brown and old-fashioned flooring has been replaced by a wood-imitation ceramic floor.

Thanks to this interior renovation, we have created spaces that work both at family level and when visitors are received. We have applied a neutral interior design that adapts to any type of decoration and furniture. In addition, with the changes to the doors and windows, we have provided greater thermal and acoustic insulation in all rooms.

Bathroom for functional use

Another of the spaces that we have improved in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. As we mentioned, the original toilet was located in the current kitchen, so the distribution has changed. As you can see in the comparison between before and after, we have built the new bathroom where the kitchen and the gallery were.

This is a very practical change, since we had the necessary pipes and water outlets. We have modernized the image of the bathroom by applying the same contemporary pattern as in the whole house. Our professionals have been responsible for tiling the walls with beige tiles and installing a new hydraulic-style ceramic floor.

In this bathroom renovation we have installed three sanitary pieces of modern style and functional use. Just to the right of the entrance we have installed a toilet with storage furniture in its lower part. It is then accompanied by a floating toilet with a cistern hidden in the wall. Already at the bottom of the bathroom we have placed a shower tray protected with transparent screens.

House renovation budget in Barcelona

If you want to improve your home, contact us and tell us what you need. We will be in charge of developing a tailor-made project tailored to your tastes and house renovation budget in Barcelona. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request it without obligation.