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House renovation in Barcelona: Mare de Déu del Remei street

We have completed a new house renovation in Barcelona. On this occasion we have rehabilitated a flat located in Mare de Déu del Remei street. It is a complete project in which we have applied improvements in both the interior design and the equipment. Now this house is ready to be a home.

In our renovation company we have the best resources so that you have everything you need in your home. We work with reliable suppliers and with high quality materials. In addition, we add a team of professionals in all plots of a house renovation.

To learn more about our house renovations, you can follow us on social networks. We update them daily with real content from the projects we have completed. In the following video we share the finishes we have applied to this new apartment on Mare de Déu del Remei street in Barcelona.

Spacious and bright spaces

One of the first steps in a house renovation is to define how the new interior design needs to be. For this we have a department specialized in interior design in Barcelona. Our expert designers will accompany you throughout the work and advise you on the selection process of materials, finishes, paint, etc.

A contemporary interior design has been chosen for this flat in Barcelona. It is a very used style that enhances characteristics such as brightness and visual amplitude in a house. The objective is to generate spaces with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that convey the feeling of home.

For this, we have painted the walls white. In this way the light can flow easily to all corners. New white doors and windows have also been installed. The resulting image is linear and homogeneous. The interior design is completed with a new parquet floor in medium tones of wood. This is how the necessary warmth point is applied in spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms.

Linear kitchen

The kitchen is in its own room and has been distributed linearly. Now the kitchen offers excellent mobility and places each appliance in the most functional place. The storage capacity in the kitchen has also been expanded by placing drawers and cupboards in the lower and upper parts of the worktop.

At the far right of the kitchen furniture, a custom-made hole has been left so that the glass can be placed. Next appears the section of worktop that extends to the other end of the kitchen. It offers a large support and work surface and has been equipped with a glass ceramic plate and a single sink.

The kitchen furniture is white and has custom-made holes to integrate appliances. In the upper part is the microwave, while in the lower part there is space for the oven and the dishwasher. All very well integrated in a kitchen renovation that combines the colors white and gray.

Functional bathroom and toilet

In this house renovation in Barcelona, we have also been responsible for improving and equipping the bathroom and toilet. They currently function as complementary hygiene spaces and offer the best performance at all times. As in the rest of the apartment, both the interior image and the equipment have been improved.

The bathroom has three sanitary pieces. A toilet with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. In general, a modern and functional bathroom with beige tiled walls. For the decoration, the contemporary style applied throughout the house has been maintained.

A toilet has also been created to complement the main bathroom. It is a space that has a toilet with storage furniture and a shower. Transparent sliding door screens have been installed to protect it. It also has an electric towel dryer and a square bathroom mirror.

House renovation budget in Barcelona

Our house renovations cover all the possibilities of a new home. We accompany you throughout the process, from the choice of materials to a daily monitoring of the works. We offer a no-obligation renovation budget that you can request by calling 93 209 97 17.