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House renovation in Barcelona: Torns street

We have finished a new work of house renovation in Barcelona. On this occasion we have taken it upon ourselves to improve a flat located on Torns street. In addition to renovating the interior, we have also taken on the task of rehabilitating the terrace. It is a complete house renovation that adapts to current trends.

We offer tailor-made and personalized work, each house renovation is unique. That’s why we have a very varied catalog that allows us to adapt to all decorative styles. In addition, the versatility of our professionals allows more communication with the property owners.

The finishes of this new interior renovation are shared in the following video. To learn more about our projects, follow us on social networks. We update our profiles every day with our own content. In this way we can show you our way of working transparently and in detail.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the spaces we have improved in this renovation in Barcelona is the kitchen. It is a very important space and we have a department specializing in kitchen renovations. We adapt to all needs and in this case it had to be an open kitchen. To make the most of the available space, we have applied a linear kitchen layout.

In this way, the kitchen is connected to the lounge and dining area, located at the far left of the kitchen. We’ve added an extension that doubles as a three-person table. The kitchen unit has an elongated worktop that is equipped with a glass ceramic hob and a single-sinus sink.

At the far right we have integrated the new appliances. It has an oven, microwave, fridge and washing machine. The last two are hidden by the wardrobe doors. This detail enhances the image of a modern and linear kitchen. Another improvement of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is the greater storage capacity. It has drawers and cupboards at the bottom and top of the counter.

New interior design

Since it is an open kitchen, its image follows the overall decorative line. On this occasion, we have applied a contemporary style interior design. Neutral tones are protagonists to achieve cozy and familiar spaces. That is why we have enhanced aspects such as brightness and visual breadth.

We painted the walls in a beige shade that allows natural light to flow in easily. In addition, it is a very grateful color that accepts all kinds of decorations. This color has been used to paint both the living room and the bedrooms. It also combines very well with the new flooring, a hydraulic type floor in white and green.

Another interesting detail brings us to the ceiling of the main area. We have restored it and now it has a spectacular Catalan vault. The exposed brick ceiling maintains the classic essence of Barcelona flats. In addition to the interior design, we have also taken care of the terrace reform. We painted the walls, leveled the floor and furnished it with a table and several chairs.

Functional bathroom renovation

Another improved space is the bathroom. Now the cleaning area is ready to offer the best performance at all times. We have taken care of updating your interior image and installing the new sanitary ware. In this sense, we have a wide and varied catalog for all types of bathroom renovations.

On the left side of the entrance we find the toilet unit with two drawers for storage. On this greenish piece rests a white countertop and a square design sink. Right next to it we have installed the new toilet. It has a classic concept with modern lines with the counter at the back.

The water area is equipped with a rectangular shower tray. Super practical and protected by sliding door screens. For the new image, we have kept the identity of the rest of the house. The walls are tiled mid-height with white tiles and we have painted the rest beige. For the pavement we used the same hydraulic style as in the other areas of the floor.

House renovation budget

If you liked this renovation in Barcelona and you also want to renovate your flat, contact us. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without commitment. In a few days we will have it ready and deliver it to you with a tailor-made project.