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House renovation in El Prat de Llobregat

A few days ago we finished a new house renovation. On this occasion we moved to the town of El Prat de Llobregat to completely renew a property both in image and in equipment. With a much more contemporary image, all the rooms in the house are ready to offer the best features.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open, is distributed in the form of L and has a kitchen island. The kitchen cabinet starts on the right side offering storage capacity both at the bottom and top of a countertop that was equipped with a three-stove kitchen. This twist to the left to give way to a second section that, besides offering a wide surface of support and work, was equipped with a double beam. It is placed below a window that floods with natural light every night.

As we have mentioned, the center occupies a kitchen island that extends the surface of support and can be used as a kitchen bar, achieving a perfect place to make daily intake and to spend distant moments with the visits.

Bathroom renovation

For the new image of the bathroom, he opted for the neutral tones, with the aim of creating a pleasant and fresh atmosphere. Thus, the walls were tiled in medium height with beige tiles and the rest was painted white until reaching the ceiling. With regard to the design, the wall of the shower, tiled with beige tiles, generates a pleasant optical effect.

As regards sanitary equipment, it is a three-piece bathroom made up of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a large shower. In short, a team that offers the best features and functionality in its use.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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