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House renovation in Gelida town

We recently completed a new house renovation work, specifically the one of a home located in the town of Gelida. In this case, Grupo Inventia was in charge of drawing up the project with details such as the advice on painting works and the choice of the parquet that was placed. For its part, the owners of the property were the people in charge of furniture.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a spacious room. In this the new elements are distributed through a kitchen furniture in the form of L. On the left side of the room was placed a first section of countertop on which the glass ceramic plate was installed. The piece of furniture turns to the right to make way for a large counter that offers a wide surface of support and work that was equipped with the sink.

On the far right side of the kitchen the appliances were fitted, made up of an oven, a microwave and a fridge. Just in front of them an office area with a table and several chairs was enabled. In addition to a new image and equipment, this kitchen also saw its storage capacity expanded, with several drawers and closets along the lower part of the kitchen counter and in sections of the upper floor.

Bathroom renovation

It is a three-piece bathroom equipped to offer the best features and functionality when it comes to making use of it. First, a large washbasin was placed, and on top of it a large bathroom mirror, with a built-in drawer, which is indispensable to have a space for storage and to organize any bathing product.

This is followed by a toilet and then a bathtub. Although it is currently changing to a shower tray, in this case it was decided to keep it, since with the available space in the room it was not considered appropriate. In addition, the bathtub offers a high performance both in the day to day and in the moments when you need more relaxation.

For the new image of this bathroom, he opted for a total tile of the walls. In this case, white tiles were used for three of the walls, with the exception of the wall where the sink was installed that was tiled with gray tiles.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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