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House renovation in Marià Aguiló street in Barcelona

We have taken on the task of completely house renovation in Marià Aguiló street in Barcelona. A comprehensive reform project with improvements to the interior and the facilities and equipment. Now this flat has everything necessary to offer the best day-to-day services. All this through a personalized project adjusted to the needs of the owners.

We share the results of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video, which you can also watch on our YouTube channel. We update our social networks daily with real projects that we complete both in Barcelona and nearby municipalities. This way you can see for real the improvements we can make to your home.

Two fronts kitchen

The kitchen is located in its own room which we access through a sliding door. It is an ideal element to make the most of all the kitchen space. Since it is a large space, we have used a kitchen layout on two fronts. Each element is placed in the ideal place to be more functional.

At the end of the left side we have placed a double door refrigerator. A worktop equipped with a glass-ceramic plate is then born. It has storage capacity with several cupboards and drawers both at the bottom and at the top. All this in a combination with black kitchen furniture and white counter.

We have placed another module of the kitchen furniture on the right side and it also has a counter equipped with a single sink. It has several custom-made gaps to place new appliances. There is space for a dishwasher, microwave and oven. In addition, it also has storage capacity.

Bathroom renovation

In this house renovation in Barcelona, we have also undertaken to improve the bathrooms. Our team has been responsible for applying a new image and installing modern and functional equipment. The result has been two cleaning spaces that complement each other perfectly and can be used at all times.

The same decorative line has been used for the new image of this bathroom renovation. In this way, the bathrooms are also connected through the interior design. We tiled the walls completely with beige tiles. Bathrooms now have a bright and visually spacious image.

As for the new sanitary equipment, each bathroom renovation has a new toilet, toilet and water area. In this last element we see a variation, since in one we have placed a shower tray and in the other a bathtub. We’ve also fitted each with a vertical bathroom cabinet to expand storage capacity.

New interior design

In addition to the bathroom and kitchen renovations, we have also taken it upon ourselves to improve the interior design of each room in the home. After the previous meetings to establish the decoration we had to follow, we applied a contemporary interior design. We have used light-toned colors to achieve fresh spaces with a welcoming atmosphere.

For the walls we have chosen a light shade of blue, ideal for natural light to flow easily through all the corners of the house. We have also taken care of laying the new flooring in all the rooms. A parquet floor with a light wood finish has been chosen.

With this well-arranged combination, spaces such as the living room and the bedrooms have an ideal image for resting and enjoying the home with family and friends. Other improvements in the interior design can be seen in the new white doors that we have undertaken to place at each entrance. In some cases, we have placed sliding doors so as not to lose surface area of the interior of the room.

House renovation budget

Our catalog of materials and our versatility in house renovations allow us to offer you the best options for all the changes you want to apply to your new home. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without commitment.