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House renovation in Vilanova del Vallès

In the team of house renovations of Grupo Inventia we have finalized a new project. For this occasion we have moved to the town of Vilanova del Vallès. We have taken care of a complete house renovation. We have worked to improve both the interior design and the equipment and facilities in all rooms.

Our professionals in interior design and house renovations have worked hand in hand to get a real home. In the following video we present the finishes achieved in each of the rooms of this house in Vilanova del Vallès. Follow us on our social networks and know all the reform projects we have carried out.

The company Grupo Inventia operates both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities. As is the case of this house renovation in Vilanova del Vallès. We develop a customized project adapted to your needs and budget. To request it call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.

Modern interior design

One of the first steps in this house renovation has been to establish the new interior design of the house. In this case, the goal was to get cozy spaces that would generate a feeling of well-being. Under these premises our interior designers in Barcelona have worked with neutral tones that allow a correct circulation of natural light.

The walls have been painted in neutral shades such as white or soft shades of gray. This image is maintained in the vast majority of the home. In this way a homogeneity between rooms is generated and it is a design that also stays in the stairs. This perfectly integrates the new white doors and black frames of all the new windows.

Another finish that enhances this feeling of warmth and comfort is wood. This is how the new floor looks, a parquet floor in medium shades of wood. This image is kept on the steps of the stairs that connect the floors of the house. It has also been used in various pieces of furniture in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Kitchen renovation

In this house renovation we made a complete renovation and improvement of the kitchen has been carried out. It is an open concept kitchen that is distributed in a U-shape. The left side is occupied by an elongated worktop that offers a large support and work surface. A glass ceramic hob has been installed on it, accompanied by an extractor hood designed in white.

Both at the bottom and top, several drawers and cabinets have been arranged to expand the storage capacity of the kitchen. The central part is occupied by another section of countertop. It is smaller, but perfect for housing the sink. The new appliances have been integrated on the right side. This is a white-finish oven and microwave and a double-door refrigerator with stainless steel finishes.

In this kitchen renovation, the global image of the house has been maintained. Both most kitchen furniture and countertops are white. The top cabinets have wood finishes as does the parquet flooring. Combining these elements generates a very bright and visually wider kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

In addition to everything mentioned in this house renovation in Vilanova del Vallès, two bathrooms and a toilet have been renovated. For this plot of house we also have a catalog with very varied options. Our goal as a house renovation company is that you can get what you want at a very competitive price.

For the new image of the bathrooms and the toilet the idea of the new interior design of the house has been maintained. The walls have been tiled with neutral-toned tiles such as white or gray. In each case the floor tiles maintain the color of the walls. In general, the bathrooms have a very nice image and perfect for everyday life.

The sanitary ware in each room has also been completely renovated. They now have modern and functional toilets. The new bathroom equipment consists of a washbasin with built-in furniture, a toilet and a walk-in shower. For its part, the toilet works as an extra space with a sink and a toilet.

House renovation in Barcelona and neighborhoods

In Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector of renovations and interior design. You will be able to get a new home easily and with the personalized advice of our experts. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your no-obligation quote. You can also contact us via WhatsApp (icon at the top right).