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House renovation and interior design in Rocafort street in Barcelona

We have finished a new house renovation in Barcelona, specifically in Rocafort street. We have been in charge of updating the house completely with renovation and interior design projects. Now this apartment has all the necessities to offer the best performance at all times.

Thanks to the versatility of Grupo Inventia’s professionals, we have been able to adapt to the needs of the owners. Our renovations projects are personalized and tailored to each client. In this way we can ensure that each job can be established before starting the works.

As with all the house renovations we have completed, this one on Calle Rocafort has been shared on social networks. The following video is available on YouTube so you can see all the finished products in greater detail. You can follow us on our profiles to learn more about our work.

New interior design

A contemporary interior design with neutral tones as protagonists has been chosen for this project. The objective is to make the most of natural light to enhance aspects such as luminosity and visual amplitude. In this way, the walls have been painted white to allow light to flow throughout the floor.

From there, our interior designers in Barcelona have worked to create a warm and welcoming home. To maintain a homogeneous image, the new doors are also white, as are all the plinths and frames. Other novelties can be seen in the porthole lighting in various spaces such as the main room and the bedrooms.

Another important aspect in interior design is the flooring. In our renovation company we have a great variety of floors for flats and houses. The owners of this house were clear about it and wanted a parquet floor in a natural wood tone. We have taken care of placing it in all spaces.

Open kitchen

One of the most frequented areas of a home is the kitchen and it must offer perfect mobility. We have been responsible for the kitchen renovation to create an open space with an L-shaped main piece of furniture. We have also placed a kitchen island that functions as a breakfast bar and also provides storage space.

The main kitchen unit has a very long worktop that offers a large support and work surface. A double sink and a ceramic hob have been installed on it. The oven has been integrated just below this. On the left side, a gap has been left to integrate the refrigerator.

It is a white kitchen unit with a large storage capacity. Both in the lower and upper part of the worktop there are several drawers and cupboards. At the far right, a custom-made hole has been left to be able to integrate a dishwasher into the kitchen furniture.

Functional bathroom

Another space that we have been responsible for completely updating is the bathroom. In this case a large surface toilet space that now has a modern design and functional equipment. As in all aspects of the home, we also have a catalog specialized in bathroom renovations.

This bathroom has been completed with three sanitary pieces. It has a toilet with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray protected by screens. It is now ready to offer the best performance at all times, both daily and on the most relaxed days.

For the interior image of the bathroom, the general line of contemporary design of the rest of the house has been followed. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles and have been combined with a hydraulic tile floor. The final result offers a modern image and a very pleasant environment.

Custom house renovation

If you want to improve some aspect of your home, contact us and we will prepare a custom house renovation project. We adapt to your needs, tastes and budget to offer you the best options in renovation and interior design. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and request your project and budget without obligation.