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House renovation in Josep Estivill street in Barcelona

In the company of house renovation we have finished a new work of house renovation. Our team has moved to Josep Estivill street in Barcelona to completely renovate and improve this home. A project that has worked on a new interior design with a distribution that guarantees the best performance.

In the same way that a key space in a home such as the kitchen has also been improved in terms of image and equipment. In general, a new house renovation in Barcelona with a satisfactory result. In order to appreciate the finishes achieved in this work we share the following video.

Contemporary interior design

As we have mentioned in this house renovation project, work has been done to improve the image of the entire home. To do this, we have opted for a contemporary interior design with the aim of achieving large and bright spaces. In short, a cozy and ideal environment for a modern design home.

For the new color of the walls of spaces such as the livingroom, bedrooms and hallway has opted for white. It is a perfect shade to get the features mentioned. In addition, the house has a large entrance of natural light. Thanks to this, every corner can be perfectly lit.

In turn, elements such as new doors or plinths are also presented in white. A neutral and welcoming image that offers ample facilities when it comes to decorating it. Another of the improvements that have been made in this house renovation is the change of pavement. Now the surface of the house looks like a floor with wood finishes in medium tones. The icing on the cake to get a bright, cozy and warm home.

Kitchen renovation

Another of the spaces that have been improved in this house renovation in Barcelona is the kitchen. A very important space within a home and now has everything you need to ensure the best performance. In this area of the house, both the image and the equipment have also been completely renewed.

This is an open concept kitchen renovation that is separated by a half-height wall. In this way the kitchen space is perfectly delimited both physically and visually. For their part, the new kitchen elements have been distributed through a piece of furniture in a linear fashion.

It has a large countertop that provides ample space for support and work. In turn, a single-breast sink and a ceramic hob have been installed on it. At the far right, custom gaps have been arranged to integrate the new appliances. Specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave.

Kitchen design

In addition to the distribution and equipment in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, the image of the space has also been improved. The kitchen has storage compartments in both the lower and upper part. The furniture in the lower area has a matte white finish as does the countertop. It has a custom hole to integrate a dishwasher and the handles of the drawers and cabinets are black.

For its part, the cabinets that have been anchored at the top are made of wood. This is a combination of shades widely used in the kitchen renovations we carry out. The kitchen floor has also been changed and is different from the one we mentioned for the rest of the house. It is a hydraulic floor with designs that combine beige and different shades of blue.

House renovation in Barcelona

In the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. Each of our projects is unique and is worked on based on the needs of the homeowners. Thanks to our experience and versatility we adapt to all styles and budgets.

Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your house renovation project. Once we have it ready, we will deliver it to you along with the reform budget without any cost or commitment. We will present you the best options so you can enjoy the home you deserve.