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House renovation in Lepant street of Barcelona

We recently completed a new house renovation in Barcelona. It was a total rehabilitation that we carried out in a house located on Lepant street. Before commenting on the most outstanding details of the work carried out by Grupo Inventia, we share a video in which you can see the general finishes of this new house renovation.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a room of its own and is generous, reason why it was possible to work very well in the disposition of the new elements. For this he opted for a L-shaped distribution, with a kitchen cabinet with a lot of presence that offers storage capacity both in its lower and upper part.

On the right side was placed a first section of counter that works as a surface of support and work. This twist to the left to give way to a second section equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. Just in front of this part was placed a kitchen cabinet in which the oven, the microwave and the refrigerator were fitted.

After the reform, the kitchen presents a very contemporary image in which the target is the main protagonist. This color is used in kitchen furniture, countertops and walls. This achieves a bright and visually wide room that also includes other shades such as the gray of the floor or the finish in stainless steel of household appliances.

Bathrooms renovation

After the renovation work of the bathrooms, they have a complete sanitary equipment that offers the best benefits and functionality when it comes to making use of them. Although the elements are of different models in the main bathroom and the courtesy, both have a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower with screens of transparent sliding doors.

The visual appearance of the two bathrooms also improved, looking at a contemporary and very cozy image. In both cases, the walls were tiled in medium height with white tiles and the rest was painted in a soft blue tone to the ceiling. This neutral design facilitates entry to other colors and finishes, such as those that fill the bathroom furniture.

House renovation in Barcelona

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