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House renovation in Mallorca street of Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s construction team has once again moved to Calle Mallorca in Barcelona to carry out a new house renovation. This time we have taken care to completely improve both the image of all the rooms and to install the new equipment in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

A very complete house renovation that we present in the following video. To know all the works of house renovation in Barcelona that we realized in Group Inventia you can visit our Youtube channel. If you want to receive your project and budget for free you can write to

Interior design

Among the various objectives of this house renovation, one was to improve its internal image. Thanks to our department specialized in interior design we have managed to provide the home with a modern and current image. Given the needs of the owners we have opted for a contemporary interior design.

In this way most of the walls have been painted white. It is a perfect color, as it generates very bright and spacious spaces and accepts all types of decoration. It has been completed with the installation of a new parquet floor. It is finished in medium wood tones and generates a warm and welcoming image.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen of this house renovation is open and is distributed to two fronts. In the part attached to the wall, an elongated worktop has been placed that has storage capacity in its lower and upper area. The worktop offers a large support and work surface. It has also been equipped with a sink and a ceramic hob.

Right in front, a new section of worktop with cabinets has been placed at the bottom. The feature of this countertop is that it protrudes from the base and can be used as a breakfast bar. It has created a perfect space for relaxed meals. To the right of the entrance is a black kitchen unit with a fridge, oven and microwave.

Bathroom renovation

In this house renovation, two bathrooms have been renovated. In both a very similar decoration has been used and both are fully equipped. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles. This has resulted in cool and bright spaces, a perfect image for the bathroom. For the new pavement, a stoneware floor in a darker shade of beige has been chosen.

For its part, each bathroom has a complete sanitary equipment. In the main one, a washbasin with built-in storage cabinet, a pair of suspended toilet and bidet and a shower tray protected with sliding door partitions have been installed. As for the complimentary bathroom, which is accessed through a sliding door, it has a sink with furniture and a floating toilet.

House renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we put the best professionals at your disposal so that your house renovation will be perfect. We draw up a tailor-made project and budget and deliver it to you without costs or commitment. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.